Monday, August 18, 2014

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Fashion Fix

The Purse That Charges Your SmartPhone!

Everpurse is solving problems in style.  What more could you ask for?  You need a stylish bag.  You use your phone so much, it needs to be charged a couple times a day.  Cords are a hassle.

Everpurse is the brainchild of a former social worker, who came back to Chicago to launch her creative--and amazingly useful brand.  Liz Salecdo is the daughter and granddaughter of business owners, so it seems entrepreneurship is in her bloodline.  Creating a bag cute enough to be useful set her apart from so many designers.  She is certainly making her mark in Chicago.  

We got to sit down with Liz and she enlightened us on what's going on with Everpurse, where it's been and where it's headed.  Liz tells us she fell in love with the idea of what she's been creating, even more than she loves starting her own business and brand.  Starting Everpurse was not only a labor of love, but a big leap.  She reminded us how when opportunities present themselves, they are worth exploring--even when things seem scary.  Liz mentioned she endures a lot of gut checks when trying to make design decisions.  She often has to ask herself "would our customers think that's cool?"

As she discussed her brand, she said she's most focused on selling to her customer base and getting them to understand the brand and technology.  The Everpurse team has recently been looking at samples for the holidays and researching ways to integrate technology in other ways.  After all, making accessories smart is the way of our future.  Everpurse will be ready for our changing tech market, but make it a priority to keep design paramount.  

Having Everpurse based in Chicago is not only an asset to the growing tech community, but to the rising fashion scene, too.  Liz says she loves working near galleries and in a City with a lot going on--but she, too wishes there was some physical fashion space for designers to see and spend time close to one another.  She told us there's lots of opportunity to continue growing fashion in Chicago. It's easy to learn the foundation in New York, but there's a vibrant community here. People don't know how much is here. Hopefully they'll see more, especially with Fashion Focus Chicago coming back soon!

So Liz is trailblazing in technology and fashion, but in the women-owned business arena, too.  She positions Everpurse as something to empower women and encourage them to succeed.  Her line is so different and she feels like it's incredible to see how many women love the product and talk about how useful the product is.  

We can't wait to continue seeing this line grow.  The designs are amazing and will only get more fabulous.

Order yours now!

For more on Everpurse, click here.  

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