Wednesday, October 1, 2014

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Pterys: Sunglasses for a Cause--

We are all about supporting good causes.  Linking fashion to a good cause is even more of a winner.  The 3 gentlemen behind Pterys--Sagar, Ankur, and Sanjay--are giving you stylish wooden sunglasses with a purpose.  Pterys {te-ˈri:z} sells high-quality, classic, wooden eyewear in order to raise awareness & to help prevent an eye condition known as pterygium.

Pterygium is a fleshy growth on the white of the eye, and is much more common than most people think. It causes significant discomfort including redness, irritation, watering of the eyes, a sensation of dryness and grittiness, and can even impair vision if it becomes severe enough. And 1 in 4 adults living in tropical regions have this condition. It is associated with chronic sun exposure (specifically UV-light), wind, and dust.

In their own words, they are on a mission to raise awareness and help prevent pterygium by selling high-quality, handcrafted, wooden sunglasses. Each pair sold will allow them to support their partner, The Hope Alliance, which is committed globally to prevent pterygium, as well as other UV-related eye conditions through sunglass donations and educational programs.

Pterys got its start while one of its founders, Sagar,  was on a medical trip in Haiti. A collaboration between three college friends, Pterys was conceived after Sagar learned of the of the many eye conditions that Haitian suffered from due to sunlight. Through the donation of plastic sunglasses, we hope to support our mission globally to prevent some of these diseases and alleviate the suffering of many!

Typically patients abroad are given eye drops for this condition. But eye drops only treat the symptoms of the disease and have not been shown to stop or cure pterygium. The only effective treatment is surgery; but this carries its own risks, and many patient’s living in developing countries don’t have access to surgery. Therefore, the best treatment is to prevent the pterygium before it occurs. Early use of UV blocking lenses helps prevent pterygium, as well other UV-induced eye conditions.

Sunglasses provide not only prevention for several eye conditions, but also provide comfort. Every time you buy a pair of Ptery’s, you are investing in the livelihood of one Haitian and his or her family. Ptery’s are hand-crafted from wood to provide an environmentally friendly, lightweight, and durable frame for UV-protective lenses. We hope you enjoy you Ptery’s and spread the word!

Check out this great brand and support them in their quest to do good with style.  Order your Pterys now!

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