Thursday, December 18, 2014

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Fashion Fix

The Modcloth Holiday Sweater Guide!!

We've been on a slight hiatus, but this is the perfect return.  Not only is it the holiday season, but the temperatures are just right for cute sweaters without the mummified look to stay warm.  In our holiday partnership with Modcloth, we're giving you one of our favorite looks in this drummer boy sweater, paired with a few other MC faves.  

Let's pick this casual holiday party look apart:
The Sweater--this is a classic holiday staple and perfect for an "ugly" seater party--although this pick is quite cute!  The colors are neutral, so they'd go well with leggings, as shown, or jeans--colored or blue denim.

The Fun Hat--the bow is festive and fun.  This hat takes the outfit to a new level.  The piece serves as fashion and function.

The Scarf--simply complementary because of the colors, but let us not forget, it's cold!

The Statement Glasses--these are fun, too.  Why not add a fun accessory to jazz things up a bit?!

ModCloth Style Board

Holiday sweater

Black tight

Ankle boots

Silver ring

Tartan shawl

Beret cap

Retro eyeglass

The Booties--they're just plain cute.  The zippers are nice accents to the ruffles, while the pop of red at the feet keeps the outfit spirited from head to tow.

The Cheveron Ring--big, fun rings are our fashionmark, so they're a must.  Why leave the hands unattended!?

Check out more from ModCloth in their Holiday Gift Guide and their full sweater collection, and share looks you like with us!


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