Monday, December 29, 2014

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Spotlights

Skin Deep Bodycare!

This post is long beyond overdue, but we are so excited to bring this Spotlight your way.  Skin Deep Bodycare is an amazing brand, created by an attorney making moves and changing lives all across the country.  See, out of the box J.D.s do big things!  Dominique is not only bringing us healthy, luxurious products, but refreshing feelings about ourselves and our skin when we use it.  

Check her out in her own words...

1.     How did you get started in fashion and beauty?  What sparked your interest?
I got started in the beauty industry because of my own issues with my skin and beauty products. I had suffered for years with eczema and dry skin issues. I wasn't able to find any products that were both healthy and effective. Also a lot of the natural products and healthier for my skin were not feminine and luxurious. So I decided to create my own. In college I started playing around with formulas and making my own body creams. It wasn't until a few years later in law school that I actually started the company with the goal of helping other women who were looking for healthy affordable and chic body care options. 

2.     What do you just adore about the Chicago beauty market?
 I love that the Chicago beauty market has awesome small and unique beauty businesses. Chicago is an awesome balance of luxe beauty and practical beauty. I also really like that smaller boutiques and even our larger retailers like Target are really beginning to take notice of the beauty trend and are offering more diverse beauty products.

3.     What are some legal issues or challenges you have faced in the industry, if any?
We haven't faced any legal issues. (knock on wood). Because of my background in law, I was very diligent in researching proper licenses, regulations and requirements before I officially launched the company. But like any small business, finding affordable legal advise (outside of myself) can be a challenge. 

4.     How do you work to protect your brand?  What sets your brand apart from the others? 
I protect the brand by keeping our recipes and manufacturing techniques closely guarded. While I am transparent about our ingredients and the quality of our ingredients, I try to keep our exact formulas private. Also we make sure our products and company is trademarked. Also I believe, an important part of protecting the brand is consistent branding and messaging. Our customers know what the Skin Deep brand is, this is accomplished by being visually consistent and keeping our messaging consistent as well.
What sets Skin Deep apart from other brands is that we are committed to providing Healthy and effective body products for women of color. We provide solutions for skin conditions and we do it with a bit of luxury and health, at an affordable price. 

5.     What would you consider your stamp on the Chicago beauty industry?
 I would like to think that Skin Deep is helping to usher in the "Green" beauty movement in Chicago. Making healthy more mainstream and interesting. 

6.     What do you feel the Chicago fashion and beauty industry needs most?  What do you plan to do to help achieve those needs?
The Chicago fashion and  beauty industry definitely needs more diversity. We need brands that cater to the needs of all women and we need to see those women represented. Skin Deep helps achieve those needs by making products tailored to issues that women of color face with their skin as well as promoting diversity and inclusion within the beauty industry. 

7.     What's next for the Skin Deep Bodycare Brand?
The sky is the limit for Skin Deep; we are exciting about launching new Soy Candle/Massage Oil products coming soon. As well as continuing to create great new body and skin care products.

8.     What are your favorite types of products to create? What is your favorite client segment?
Personally, I love making our Shea Body Souffles, which is a buttery soft moisturizer. As a person who suffers with dry skin, this is the product that most immediately speaks to my skin needs. I love all client segments, but it is especially awesome when women & men who have suffered with eczema symptoms for a long time tell me that our Souffles have helped alleviate their symptoms and their skin is so much better. That's really why I do this! 

9.    What might your clients not know about you?
Let's see. Most people are surprised to know that I have a law/legal background. Also, I am a food nut. I love good food especially when I can find/cook something that is healthy and savory, ahhh Heaven! 

10.    What should people know about the Skin Deep Bodycare brand?
Skin Deep Natural Bodycare is a brand that really is committed to health and well-being. Women should not have to sacrifice their health for beauty and with Skin Deep they don't. All of our products are handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality and freshness, so when you order Skin Deep you are getting fresh, customized products. 
11.  Why law and beauty?
I get that a lot. My concentration in law school was civil rights and human rights law. So my passion is service. To me, I feel my company is service. I am able to educate people about the importance of healthy ingredients in their body and skin care products. I am also able to provide those products at an affordable price and great quality. I am contributing to my customers overall health and well-being and that is the ultimate service. 

WE are so glad we got to Spotlight Dominique and her wonderful Skin Deep Bodycare Brand.  Although the Cocoa Almond scrub is one of my favorites, I really love and encourage you all to check out the souffles and face washes.  You can't go wrong with any of her items.

Can't wait to see what she has coming next!

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