Thursday, June 25, 2015

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Fashion Fix

Shoes Every Woman Should Own!

Ladies, we all know how important shoes are.  They are often the ultimate statement you make with your outfit--with your entire look.  While we completely support having a plethora of options at your disposal, there are a few considered absolute musts for the arsenal.

The Black Pump
There's no way you can't have this in your closet.  Maybe the heel is low.  Maybe the heel is high!  The shoe must be there somehow.  You can wear this with almost anything, and even if you are usually dressed casually, you can go to your black pump if you need to dress up.

The Ballet Flat
This one is a spring and summer necessity, and a multipurpose shoe for every wardrobe. The ballet flat is not only necessary for many casual looks, like leggings with blazers, but also to get you around before changing into your heels.  While many of us can strut anywhere in heels, concrete and asphalt are the enemy.  Keep some ballet flats on deck to get you from place to place and preserve your coveted stilettos.

Gym Shoes/Sneakers
You may not be excited about jogging or athletics at all.  However, gym shoes are a must, because you never know what may come up--a dance class, cause walk/run, kids to run after.  Be prepared, ladies.  Have the kicks ready for whatever.

Knee-high boot
This can be a heel or even a flat, since the knee height will lengthen the leg anyway.  Having this shoe in black and brown are necessary for the fall and winter.

The Sandal
You have some flexibility here.  Of course we promote both heels and flats, but if you are committed to one or the other only--go for it.  Summer attire will usually call you away from closed-toe shoes, so be ready to swap to sandals when the weather heats up.  If you aren't proud of your toes, check out the peep-toe looks.  Don't restrict yourself to completely closed shoes.  Make summer strolling fun and fashionable!

Check your closet.  Have everything you need?

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