Friday, September 4, 2015

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Fashion Fix

Fashion Dreams and Kiva Zip--

We are all about helping dreams come true here at B.A.F.F.L.E.D., and of course fashion dreams have a special place.  So many designers and fashion enthusiasts spend a lot of time creating and producing, but must devote effort working to get the word out on their brands, too.   

We're here to help in getting the word out.  Kiva Zip-- similar to Indiegogo and Go Fund Me--is taking flight in Chicago and across the country.  They are providing small business loans for entrepreneurs, letting them put the most focus on creating while not feeling pressed about promotion, overhead, etc. 

Kiva Zip is a non-profit 501c3 organization and an online platform that crowdfunds 0% interest, no fee microloans up to $5,000 for entrepreneurs and small businesses who might otherwise be denied loans by traditional financial institutions. Instead of basing loans on credit scores or collateral, loans are based on character and the strength of the entrepreneur's network, something called "social capital". Kiva Zip has helped over 25 local Chicago entrepreneurs receive loans to take their business to the next level. They have 56K+ lenders on their platform and over 1,500 small business funded nationwide.

Learn more about Kiva Zip here.

But first, learn a little about Sopihstiglam.  This entrepreneur has great style stories to share.

Alexis from Sophistiglam
Sophistaglam started back in 2013 as women's online clothing store. I decided to start the business just to bring in some extra income, when it sparked something in me I decided to go full force in 2014. One of my biggest challenges is getting inventory. Most of my orders are done on a presale basis, as the customers pay first and then I order products, which can cause a bit of a wait. My customers are women ranging from 16 and older looking to add some sophistication to their wardrobe and life.
The goals I have for my business is to one day have several physical locations and teach women how do dress around the world. What I am most proud of is that what it stands for is actually getting a great response, women are looking to glam up their lives with their wardrobe and they are coming to my online shop to do so.

Check out her full profile for more!

All the best to this fabulous lady, and remember to check out Kiva Zip to donate and definitely for your small business needs!

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