Sunday, October 25, 2015

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Louboutin Adds Protection with Design Patents--

Fab shoemaker Christian Louboutin is always working to protect his brand.  His latest attempt has been obtaining a design patent for his spiked toe design.  He's already overcome the red sole battle, and is now continuing on in making sure there's no confusion as to what belongs to him and only him.

In addition to the spiked toe patent, CL has about 10 others.  His design patents include some of his lace-up boots and stuffed flats...surely more are to come.  Be careful doing your fall and winter shopping.  There's likely to be fakes out there.  Christian isn't the only one protecting his brand with every design protection option possible.  Jimmy Choo, YSL (a former Louboutin opponent in court), and Celine are just a few others also taking the protection to the next level.

With the counterfeit market grossing in the billions, no chances can be taken! 

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