Monday, February 22, 2016

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Products to Beautify You--

Early in every new year is a great time to get your skincare and product choices in order.  You can still find a lot on sale, and the weather changes enough these days to see how things work out.  

Here are some of our favorite, must-have products.  Check them out for yourself!

Skin Deep Body Care
This is definitely one of our faves for so many reasons.  It's created by a lawyer by trade, converted to beauty (we love legal niches!).  It's a Chicago-made brand.  And, AND it works wonders on your skin!  The souffles are amazing, but the scrubs and washes are great, too.  They've even added lip care.  Order now!

Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel
PTR is the foundation of clear skin.  This product not only keeps facial aging at bay, but regulates oil production and brightens.  If you struggle with oily skin and acne, this is your best weapon!  

While PTR is a great cleanser for sensitive or oily skin, "cocktailing" cleansers makes certain you are getting all the treatments you need.  To exfoliate from the inside--out, use this Glam Glow mask 2x, weekly.  Wash prior to applying the mask with the PTR cleanser and this Glam Glow Clearing Cleanser.  Results...amazing. 

This one is another cocktailing mix. Mix this one with the PTR cleanser on days when you've been overexposed to dirt, need a good, deep cleanse, or are having a skin situation calling for a little extra attention.  Just a little goes a long way.  

Fresh's toner is a great complement to this skincare regimen.  It not only helps even the skin tone, but provides moisture.  Your skin may feel a bit dry after using the PTR cleanser, but that's a good thing if you're oily.  This toner is the 1st step in restoring the moisture your skin needs and protects it against everyday environmental agitators.  

If you have dark spots or discoloration of any kind, this moisturizer is just for you.  It is perfect for both warm and bitter cold weather, providing just the right amount of moisture and sun protection. 

This is basically a miracle cream for oily skin.  It keeps shine away all day, and helps fight acne.  Never go a day without this moisturizer.  Add just a little in the T-Zone or other often oily areas, and watch it work.  You'll never shine again!

Fresh Umbrian Clay Mattifying Face Exfoliant
A clay exfoliant is an absolute must.  Use the Glam Glow mask to exfoliate below the surface, use this one to smooth the top layer, while sending dead skin cells away.  1x each week is all you need.

This is great for any time of year, but winter especially.  Use just a couple times a week to keep your lips soft and restore moisture.  Plus, it smells great and is not too harsh. This is the perfect base of those often-drying, but cute matte lipsticks!

Fresh Coco Body Exfoliant
What can we say, Fresh makes some pretty good stuff!  This body scrub, used 2x a week will leave your body feeling smooth and supple.  It not only removes impurities and winter roughness, but it smells great!

A little soft scrubbing is a must at least 1x each week.  Depending on which brush or cleanser you feel you need, you can't go wrong with a deep clean here and there. The Deep Pore Cleanser and Skin Illuminating Cleansers are a fabulous combo.  Your super soft skin will thank you.  

It's like magic.  If dry or thin hair is your issue, use coconut oil to make the change.  Applying it to your scalp nightly, or every other night--especially in the winter--keeps your scalp happy.  It also thickens weak strands right at the root.  Coconut oil makes a great ingredient in any homemade hair mask or deep conditioner. It can also be added to your face if the winter weather is working overtime to dry your skin. You MUST have this in your beauty bag.  You can buy it at any grocery store. 

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