Friday, February 5, 2016

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Burberry Trailblazes "See Now, Buy Now"; Skirts Fakes

With smartphones being more commonplace than almost

any other item in our daily lives, they've had both positive and harmful affects on the fashion industry.  The "Runway to Rack" model has created its own lane in fashion, and unfortunately hurt designers.  This is the business model allowing a photo of a runway design to immediately hit a manufacturing table, and in as little as 2 weeks--a fast fashion rack.  Luxury, and even startup brands have struggled with this quite a bit in the last decade or so.  Technology, talent, and sales all cut both ways.  

​"See Now, Buy Now"
Burberry is changing the tide.  Starting in September, the iconic British luxury brand will start hosting only 2 runway shows a year, and make the looks seen on the runway immediately available for purchase. Versus Versace has endeavored on something similar. This will certainly help in circumventing how the "Runway to Rack" method has cramped high fashion's brand protection.  

​More Changes Coming?
This new approach will continue Burberry's show of leadership in digital marketing, as well as complement the CFDA's review of the traditional fashion calendar.  Social media is clearly showing it is here to stay.  Burberry ​is showing its longevity is, too.

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