Sunday, May 1, 2016

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Fashion Fix

Style Room 326 - Premier Fashion In Chicago--

Designer Teresa Washington provided a unique fashion experience at yesterday's grand opening of Style Room 326. This gorgeous boutique will not only serve as space for her 4 fashion lines (yes, 4!!), but also as personal styling, party, and workshop space.  

We've been enjoying her STMT brand for quite some time, but we're excited about the newest 3.  Here are some pics from the launch and fashion show.

Get there soon and become a member!






Who is Style Room 326, you ask? We are the first members-only wholesale and retail showroom located in the beautiful Lakeview neighborhood, just minutes from downtown Chicago. We believe you deserve a smart, edited, Fashionable assortment and think Fashion should not be complicated. We don’t believe you need to buy a whole wardrobe each season that’s why Style Room 326 houses brands that build season after season. As our customer, you can add to your collection knowing that everything builds upon itself. Style Room 326 houses brands that are IMPACTFUL, perfect for mixing and matching, while luxe textures and compelling prints add depth and dimension. OUR BRANDS are designed for the everyday Chic woman.

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