Monday, July 11, 2016

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The Capsule Wardrobe: Stepping Up Your Closet Game--

While talking to an awesomely fashionable and hair savvy friend, she shared her plans to embark on the capsule wardrobe experience.  

Capsule wardrobe?  Yes, capsule wardrobe.  What this is, is a set amount of items in your arsenal, taken separately to become a set for mixing and matching over a designated timeframe.  The items are to be worn together in several pairings, so the colors coordinate, and the tops and bottoms mix and match easily with all options.  One of the main reasons for utilizing the capsule wardrobe is to truly test your styling skills, particularly when you have a finite amount of options.  Another reason is to stock your closet with stronger, more quality pieces, rather than the limited-life items purchased in the fast fashion market.

We've talked quite a bit about the downfalls of fast fashion--lots of fashion law faux pas, as many hardworking designers, both well-established and not, are infringed upon.  Money from fast fashion markets and production is often used for human trafficking or in other illegal activities.  Working conditions in fast fashion factories is usually far from suitable.  Lights are dim, hours are long, and wages are low.  

The capsule wardrobe helps skirt these instances in other ways.  In building your capsule wardrobe for whatever designated period you choose--a week, 2, a business trip length, etc.--you focus on purchasing pieces which do cost a bit more.  However, these pieces, for their worth, last longer.  They also build the foundation for a full wardrobe with sustainable options.  You'll buy something today which can be paired with something you buy months or years from now, and the quality is still there.

For the fashionistas and stylists out there, the capsule wardrobe pushes your skills to the limit.  There could be several reasons you can't go and buy out a whole store or a bunch of new items all at once.  Maybe you have to pack light when you travel.  With the capsule wardrobe, you can push your creative mind to the limit, and sharpen your styling skills.  You can also make investing in quality pieces, whether through retail outlets or local designers, a priority.  

We're looking forward to hearing about how the capsule wardrobe experience works.  Check out these infographics and plenty more on Pinterest.

Stay tuned and share your stories.

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