Thursday, January 26, 2017

Counterfeiter Costing Us Our Childhood

Hello Lover of Fashion,

It is always a pleasure to be in the company of those who hunger for fashion intel. My hope over the next few months is to bring you newsworthy fashion updates; either legal, unusual, or trendy. Warning, sometimes I might give you homework.

Alright let’s dive right in, like 80 pages of reading on the first day of school! If you are like me, you grew up pleading with your parents, in the middle of a department or designer store as to why you really needed that French Connection piece for school pictures, graduation, or your birthday. Then, once you delivered the world’s most convincing winning argument, you could hardly wait until the day of your event to show off. I am sad to inform you if you did not know-- French Connection pulled all of their stores from the U.S. market a few years back. As I got older, I developed a deep appreciation for quality and purchasing materials, especially since I am no longer on my mother's dime. So, although I am not always able to afford the latest Members Only Varsity Jacket with Faux leather sleeves, I do not want my favorite collection to be impossible to find.
A few weeks ago my curiosity caused me to do some legal research. Have you noticed retailers' and designers across the board are closing, leaving U.S. market or going bankrupt? ...Why? Counterfeiters.
Counterfeiting is at an all time high. According to a recent article published by CNBC, Amazon is a major source of third party counterfeit infringement. Sadly, most times, buyers are not even aware they are buying a counterfeit. By the way, counterfeiting in the fashion industry is a federal crime, governed by intellectual property law. I will be the first to admit, the current IP laws seem prehistoric as applied to most relevant issues raised in court by designers these days. Much like laws that govern cyberspace, the laws are unable to keep up. Hyde Beast, reported “fake fashion” costs the industry $28 billion annually. Also 10% of all fashion-related products sold are fakes, causing the original designer to miss out on profits.
Your homework Loves, is to stay loyal to the real brand. Refuse to buy those nasty cheap knock off that are costing your favorite brands and designers to go bankrupt. Before more brands disappear, like  Bebe and The Limited...if we can't buy work and party clothes at brick and mortar stores, we will have to suffer the awful wrath of conforming-- or even worse, jogging pants.

Until next time....

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  1. This is a good read! In the age of instant gratification how can one protect themselves besides going into stores bargain shopping is at a high and "look click recieve "is so much simplier lol


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