Monday, February 13, 2017

Let's Celebrate

History For Black History

Happy Monday morning!

Today I would like to acknowledge Black History Month and a group of women who recently made history with a rare trademark approval. Trademarks are huge in the fashion industry. They are used to indicated the source from which the apparel or accessory derived.   **  Trademarks are names, words, or images that communicate to individuals a connection with a source. This source can be many things, including but not limited a person, company, and now a sorority.
Earlier this year, the Women of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.(AKA) made history, by trademarking their personal greeting. The greeting, used exclusively among members, is "Skee wee". This sound, is a high pitched squeal used by members of AKA to call attention to one another. Just in time for Black History Month, we can raise a glass of sparkling juice or fermented grapes, and say “congratulations”. The women AKA, were the first African-American founded sorority in 1908. Since then, there have been many more amazing sororities and fraternities created by people of color to recognize professionalism, character, service, integrity, and all those things that make their members great.
Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, on this day I am glad to note that Intellectual property law is more than technical support, nail polish, zippers, and screws; it is history unfolding before our eyes.
Regardless of what source you are affiliated with, I believe we can all say “well done ladies, you have made history”. Additionally, no matter your race, I encourage you to read more into what makes your culture/ethnicity GREAT.

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