Wednesday, February 28, 2018

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Honors

 The Magic That Was #BlackHistoryMonth ...and the Further Excellence Ahead-- 

It's been a little while B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Followers, and we apologize for the gap in posts.  Today was the perfect day to pop in and talk about the great things that have been happening recently.  Despite the tragedies so widely reported, there have been so many good things happening.  They deserve attention.

As you all know, February is Black History Month.  African-Americans are celebrated at a heightened level, and encourage year-round celebration through activities, campaigns, events, and inspiration.  This month, world-renowned Marvel Comics film, Black Panther took theaters and box offices by storm.  It also inspired many.  The cast has been gracious in their promo tour--inspiring kids to believe in the magic of Wakanda and know the power of their own strength and intelligence.  This movie broke records, reignited interest in STEM, and deepened the pride those with African descent feel, walking their walk in life each day.  We hope this vibranium-powered movement is only in its beginning stages.

The Triibe, a West Side (Best Side) of Chicago-based news outlet has launched an indigogo campaign.  The Triibe is a fresh face in telling the untold story of African-Americans in the City of Chicago.  Their events are intelligence-powered, and their content is something the young Black professional has been waiting for.  Check out their indigogo, and share in their growth.

Project Style launched!  Project Style’s mission is to educate at-risk youth on the connection between self-esteem and the way we dress, with the goal to increase confidence, self-worth, and academic success rates. To donate to this cause, click here!

My Block, My City, My Hood shoveled its way into our hearts.  Led by the socially innovative Jah​mal Cole, My Block My City, My Hood has not only taken children out of their Chicago neighborhoods to explore others in the City, but it's also working toward exploration in other countries.  Following the City's last snow globe experience, Jah​mal used the power of social media to gather over 100 people to shovel snow for seniors.  This is Black Boy Joy.

Black Lives Matter pushed further for gun control.  In addition to the empowered voices of the teen survivors and mourners of the Florida high school shooting, the voices of African-American teens has grown louder.  Gun violence plagues our country in a way no other nation experiences.  It's sad to know our reality, but it's magnificent to know how energized young people are in forcing change and leading the conversation.  We commend all of these teenagers, and support them as they take our society to the next level--positively.

In the, now Wonder-Woman World of Sports, NBA team Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban announced Cynthia Marshall as interim CEO of the organization.  As sexual harassment has plagued many industries and organizations--from entertainment to sports, to government, we have seen and heard some tough stories.  Here though, is something good.  We're seeing a seasoned telecommunications executive take the lead of an organization needing to overcome obstacles.  We're also seeing a change in tide in a male-dominated industry.  Cynthia is breaking barriers as the 1st female CEO in the league.  This trailblazing is amazing and necessary for young women to follow.  Aspiration on 100!

​Speaking of sports, ESPN's The Undefeated aired Dear Black Athlete--a look at the impact Black athletes have had on professional sports, and the impact sports has had on them.  This feature examined race and protest in sports, in today's backdrop, while reflecting on the same over time.  Hosted by ​Cari Champion, athletes spoke about their individual experiences, wrote letters to their communities and fans, and told stories of courage and the work their doing to progress their worlds forward.  This is more than worth watching.

In beauty news, Shark Tank competitors of The Lip Bar have signed a deal with Target!  This bit of Black Girl Magic was great news and a fantastic leap forward for African-American beauty brands.  Getting placement in Target is just proof dedication and hard work always pay off.  Whatever is for you, is for you.  No one (or voting panel) can take it away.  Order now!

Forever (in our hearts) FLOTUS, Michelle Obama announced she will be releasing her "deeply personal" memoir this coming fall.  Can't wait!

So here's some of the amazing stuff that happened in February.  What do you have to share?  What's up for Women's History Month in March?

Stay tuned...

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