Sunday, December 23, 2018

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Relax She's Natural!

We are always excited to highlight the work of women, small businesses, and creatives.  Here, we get to honor and note all 3!  Dee Browley, of Chicago's Relax She's Natural Hair Salon is continuing to do MAJOR things!  After being highlighted in Essence Magazine as a top hair care salon in the nation, Dee is keeping the bomb dizzle-ness going (this is a technical term lol).
In the Spring of 2019, she will be heading to the exclusive, renowned Mahogany Natural Hair Academy, to continue sharpening her skills, and set her own path to educate ablaze.

Check out more about Dee's story and be sure to donate to the cause if your heart moves you.  We sure will!

Best of Blessings Dee! 


Hello My name is Deanna (Dee) Browley, it’s been four years since I’ve embarked on my pursuit of happiness, RelaxShesNatural! 

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned so far has been, "don't just celebrate the major victories but the entire journey". I understand that now, being the sixth child of seven children to a single mother, would be just as important for me as it was to sit in a classroom and learn from a teacher. 

RelaxShesNatural is the physical representation of purpose meeting passion! I’m a 36 year old wife and mother of three beautiful children, in which I’m sure you know this hasn’t been a easy, but I am up for the challenge. My husband and I own RelaxShesNatural LLC (you can find on IG RelaxShesNatural_llc or check out the website

We currently have a hair salon in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood. The vision is to equip women with the knowledge, tools and confidence to properly take care of their at-home health/haircare needs. In order for this to manifest, the need for continuing education is mandatory.  

Today I’m asking for your help in helping me “Make It For Us”! The knowledge I obtain from this experience, will be beneficial to my clients and future students, as well as the overall growth of RelaxShesNatural. 

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I've recently been accepted to attend the Mahogany Natural Hair Academy Celebrity Natural Styles Bootcamp, in Los Angeles March of 2019, with Dr Kari Williams (Physician with a focus of Hair Loss, creator of the Goddess Loc, Celebrity Natural HairCare Specialist) and Nadra Smiley the visionary behind the first Natural Hair School in Illinois, Amazon Natural Hair Academy. 

Due to the fact we are a small business and funds are limited, tied into our everyday expenses, the goal is to raise 10,000 by January 18, 2019 for Bootcamp and the Business to cover overhead while attending. Your investment can be sent directly to PayPal.Me/RelaxShesNatural, I’ve decided to be the change I want to see! Help me “MAKE IT FOR US”! 

Any further questions, contact me via email,
Thank you, Deanna (Dee) Browley


*Check out her feature in Voyage Chicago, too!

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