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B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Health

Thoughts On How Talcum Powder May Cause Ovarian Cancer and Mesothelioma
Talcum powder makers, especially Johnson & Johnson, have been facing an increasing number of lawsuits over long-term use of the product and cancer. Many regular, often lifelong users of talc products, like baby powders, are winning these cases, while studies are proving there is a link between talcum powder and both ovarian cancer and mesothelioma.
Talcum Powder and Ovarian Cancer
Most of the lawsuits targeting talcum powder manufacturers are related to instances of ovarian cancer. The women bringing the suits used baby powder and similar talc-based products for years or decades and then received a cancer diagnosis. That regular use of baby powder included application to the genital area.
Researchers began to study the issue and determine if there was a connection between talcum powder and cancer. They found over the course of studies with thousands of subjects that women who used talcum powder has a 30 percent greater chance of being diagnosed with ovarian cancer as compared to women who do not use these products regularly or often.
Other studies have found important evidence that, even if researchers don’t fully know why it occurs, that there is a definite link between talcum powder and cancer. These studies investigated the tissue from tumors in women with ovarian cancer. They found particles of talc in the tumors. This indicates that talc particles can migrate through the body and into the ovaries.
Talcum Powder and Mesothelioma
Mesothelioma is a rare cancer that is linked to asbestos exposure. It most often occurs in workers who spent years on job sites inhaling asbestos fibers. There have been some mesothelioma lawsuits against talcum powder products over cases of mesothelioma rather than ovarian cancer. The inhalation of airborne particles of talc may contribute to or cause this cancer of tissue in the chest cavity. Studies indicate that this could be an explanation for how some who had no workplace exposure to asbestos developed mesothelioma.
Talc and Asbestos
The underlying cause of both ovarian cancer and mesothelioma in women who used talcum powder over a long period of time may be asbestos. Asbestos is a mineral like talc that is mined. Talc deposits often include some contaminating asbestos.
The talc that is used in baby powder products is supposed to be free of that contamination. But, some studies have analyzed talcum powders and found that they often do have asbestos fibers in them. The talc itself may not be harmful, but when the products contain asbestos, they may cause cancer.
Lawsuits over Talcum Powder Continue
The link between talcum powder and cancer continues to be proven in the courtroom. Multiple cases have now gone in favor of the women who were harmed by regular use of this product. This includes one lawsuit in which the plaintiff’s lawyer presented evidence that Johnson & Johnson knew their talc products contained contaminating asbestos. The woman in this case developed and died from ovarian cancer. The jury awarded her family $72 million.
Research into talcum powder and its risks is likely to continue to uncover more important information about this issue. There are currently no definitive answers as to why talcum powder increases cancer risk, but asbestos is likely to be a big part of it.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Honors

Mothers' Day!!

Every year I get excited about sharing the things my Mommy taught me. There are countless things she's taught--and is still teaching me. Her Wisdom never ends. 

What has your mom taught you that has changed or directed your life in a certain way?   Share yours with us!


1. Be nice.
This is a simple lesson, but it goes a long way.  Being nice to people not only gives them a good feeling about you, but also puts out good Karma to come back to you.  My mommy still reminds me today the importance of being nice, especially when it is easy not to.   I see traces of her whenever I feel the need to bake for friends and coworkers, have guests over, style for people, advise on legal matters, or whatever comes to mind to allow me to lend a hand to someone else. I always carry this with me.  

2. Beauty is simple.
Mommy has made it clear to me, loads of make-up does not make you pretty, and there's a way to look your best without a mess!  Going back to being nice on the inside, it is easy to look nice on the outside, too.  Too much of anything is usually just that--too much and it will catch the wrong eyes most times.  As I put together my looks for each day, I definitely think..."what would Mommy say?"

As Tatyana Ali put it: "My mother is my beauty role model.  She's gorgeous, giving, and gracious - a true G!"

3. Be strong.
I haven't come across a strength like the strength my mother has, and am not sure I will.  Her lessons in being strong go far beyond helping my dad out in the yard against my will.  They extend to knowing things won't always go my way, and when they don't, I cannot give up.  I will encounter some challenges, and as cliche as it sounds I hear her telling me "this, too shall pass".  I may not want to hear it, but I always want to believe it...and in due time, I see it to be true.  I know my mother got her strength from my grandmother, and great-grandmother, so I work hard to be sure I can pass it on someday as well.  Because of my Mommy, I feel there is nothing I cannot do.  

4.  Be....patient!
Ugh!  I am still working on this one, and actually, so is Mommy.  She's been trying to teach me patience all my life, and I think I just may be starting to get it--a little.  I remember as a little girl hearing her tell me "beee..." and waiting for me to say "patient". I'm not sure I always understood the value of patience as a youngster, but I have gotten a much better understanding in my adult life.  I can't count the number of times I hear her in my head reminding me...and sometimes it is her actual voice.  I have found patience to be so critical, especially as I get older, and can say I have received and encountered some wonderful things from being patient.  I keep this lesson with me.  But, she and I both know, I'm not done learning it.

5. Always do your best.
I often look at my mom and think she has so many things on her plate...and wonder how she balances them all.  Then I realize I am, in my own way, doing the same thing.  I have learned over the years, she not only has a lot on her plate, but only enough for her to handle, and handle well.  It appears to be a lot to the onlooker, and I know it is to her as well.  But, the way she handles family, work, and social activities is always with ease and grace.  Mommy has taught me about not taking on too much, but being there to step up and step in if necessary.  Sure, you may have a lot going on, but giving each your very best is all that's acceptable.  I keep this lesson close.

I could go on and on about the lessons my mother has taught me, but the space here is limited.  I am endlessly thankful for such a loving and giving mother, and wouldn't trade her for the world.  Thank you, Mommy for everything.

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing Mommys out there.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Spotlights

Dana Jackson of Beneath Your Mask--

We love a good skincare brand, and find there's a major difference in caring for your skin with the right products containing the right ingredients.  When I stumbled upon Beneath Your Mask, I was more than convinced there was something special about this brand.  From the unique glass holding the carefully curated products, to the story behind the brand, I keep this as a staple in my bathroom and travel bag.  I've shared it with friends, and left my office timely for once to go meet Dana in person at Neiman Marcus in Chicago.

I could go on, and on about this brand, but I'll let Dana tell you about Beneath Your Mask through her own words.

1.        What sparked your interest in the beauty and skincare industry?  Has it always been a passion of yours?  What did you do prior, if not?
I was always a product junkie, but never wanted to be in the skincare industry. I was completely happy being a consumer. I was working as an entertainment business manager, and after being diagnosed with Lupus and Lupus Nephritis, I started paying attention to not only what I was putting in my body, but on my body.

2.        How did you decide on the name Beneath Your Mask?  How did you decide which product types would be in the collection?
The name, Beneath Your mask, comes from the premise that you cannot truly be healed until you remove the mask you’re presenting to the world. God can’t heal your representative. I wanted to launch with the multi-taskers first, the items that could be used pretty much head to toe, like Heal, Polish, Indulge and Nourish. Then from there, I wanted to start focusing on face and we launched our Illuminate Clarifying Face Mask. It was important to me that our collection to be great for all skin types.

3.        What sets Beneath Your Mask apart from other brands?
I think one of the key differentiators of our brand is the mulit-use aspect of our collection as well as the fact that it’s unisex. Our packaging was intentionally designed to appeal to both men and women as men love our products as well.

4.        As a fashion and beauty law blog, we always ask, are there any legal issues or challenges you've faced (that you can or want to discuss--no pending litigation, just general bumps in the road)?  Infringement issues?  Licensing/partnership challenges?
There is so much copying in this industry. I’ve seen brands have photography done that looks exactly like mine, or brands that follow me make ingredient profiles almost exact to mine. It really is prevalent in this industry, but there’s not much you can do about it. These aren’t things you can really pursue legally, but I definitely pay attention.

5.        How do you work to protect your brand?  
One of the first things I did was file a trademark on my logo, and as soon as we had it in use, I filed the Statement of Use.

6.        Which item is your favorite go-to and why?
Our Nourish Skin & Hair Serum. It’s one of our top sellers and for good reason. You can literally use it on face, body and hair. There are tons of uses, and I won't travel without it. My favorite ways to use it are mixed with our face mask, mixed with my conditioner for a deep conditioning treatment, massaged directly onto my edges and rubbed directly on scars and rashes. I was going to name it Everything, because you can use it on everything!

Oh goodness, I love these tips!

7.        Tell us about the product containers and unique glass you've chosen:

Beneath Your Mask is packaged in a dark violet Miron glass that energetically activates our botanical formulas. We do NOT package in plastic, and never will! We don’t want plastic getting into your products and subsequently your skin. In addition to being visually beautiful, Miron glass is unsurpassed in preserving the life of products. The technology is simple; the sun emits visible and invisible light parts that enable all plants to grow. It also emits light that accelerates molecular decay. Miron violet glass works like a natural filter that only lets in the sunlight that protects and improves quality, thus lengthening the lifespan and actually increasing the potency of our products. This means that our products will not only be optimally preserved, but will also be energetically enriched. Our packaging protects the ingredients, potency, and naturalness of the products, ensuring they arrive to you with exceptional quality.

8.        What do you feel the beauty industry needs most?  How are you filling that gap?
Transparency and brands that aren’t willing to compromise for the sake of their bottom line. We’re filling that gap in the way we source our ingredients. All botanicals aren’t created equal, for example, the population lavender essential oil that we source is incredibly expensive. It’s sourced at the highest altitude in France and is the most therapeutic form that we’ve been able to find. It’s nothing like the lavender that will be in most products. We don’t cut costs when it comes to ingredient quality. 

Why cut costs when it comes to the only skin and body you have, right?!

9.        Tell us about a major moment you won't forget in the Beneath Your Mask journey:
On day 27 of a 30 day fast, I got the call that we’d be going into Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue. It was such a surreal moment for a girl from the south side of Chicago. I was literally in tears!

10.     What's next for Beneath Your Mask?
We have a couple of new products launching this year, plus a beauty tool I’m really excited about! That’s all I can share right now. ;) 

        11.     What quote keeps you energized and inspired?
“There’s no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.” This quote just reminds me that nothing worth having is easy, so keep grinding. It will all happen in when it’s supposed to.

Convinced?  Of course you are.  See more of Dana's story here, and shop for your Beneath Your Mask items here.  We know you won't regret it.  

Monday, February 25, 2019

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Spotlights

Zakia Clayton of E&J Gallo Winery--

As we continue to celebrate Black History Month, we're excited to highlight Zakia Clayton, Business Intelligence Analyst at E&J Gallo Winery, and commemorate her accomplishments in the corporate construct.  

During the month of February, Gallo has been spotlighting the careers of African-American employees and their many accomplishments, both with and aside from the brand. This has become a major initiative to promote Diversity & Inclusion in the Wine & Spirits industry, and will clearly reflect how Black employees, Black buying power, and their contributions provide major impacts to the beverage industry.  This translates to broader access, advertising, and brand awareness.  

Always innovating, Gallo has been using employee spotlights to organically build as many media impressions, engagements, and social media actions as possible.  Even more while running this campaign. The benefits will be immeasurable afterward.  

Here's a little more about Zakia, her wine story, and of course--Which Wine and Why?

Check out the other employees spotlighted on social media @gallocareers on TwitterInstagram and Facebook, and E&J Gallo Winery on LinkedIn.

 Be sure to use #gallocelebratesbhm #diversityinWine when you share!

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B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Fashion Law

Africa Fashion Law Presents...

Protection of a Fashion Business!

The next edition of the AFL Online class is coming up next week.  Join us on February 27th and get answers to the question most entrepreneurs are constantly trying to figure out.

"How can I protect my business?"

There is so much value which you can gain from the upcoming AFL Online Class:

▪Learn about the key areas which you need to cater for in order to protect your business, as it will help you operate your business efficiently.

▪Learn how to enhance your market value through the law.

▪Learn about the importance of an agreement in a business in dealing with partners, clients,investors employees, photographers, make up artists and individuals in the industry.

▪Brand development through the law.

▪Determine which business structure is best for your company.
Do you recognise the value in your business? You need to protect it. Do the needful; hire experts, ask questions, read more, attend the Africa Fashion Law Online Class...

Interested in being a part of the class. Register with the the link below 

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B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Spotlights

Africa Fashion Law Blogger, Annie Oti!

It's #FashionLaw Friday!

Fashion Law has been a rising niche in America for over 10 years now, but it's not the only country in on all the fun.  We got to chat with the Creator of Africa Fashion Law, Annie Oti, and get her take on the niche in general, as well as what's happening in her home of Nigeria.

Take a look at our conversation below, AND get ready for the next edition of the AFL Online class.  Get answers to the question most entrepreneurs are constantly trying to figure out, February 27th and 28th!

"How can I protect my business?"

There is so much value which you can gain from the upcoming AFL Online Class:

▪Learn about the key areas which you need to cater for in order to protect your business, as it will help you operate your business efficiently.

▪Learn how to enhance your market value through the law.

▪Learn about the importance of an agreement in a business in dealing with partners, clients,investors employees, photographers, make up artists and individuals in the industry.

▪Brand development through the law.

▪Determine which business structure is best for your company.
Do you recognise the value in your business? You need to protect it. Do the needful; hire experts, ask questions, read more, attend the Africa Fashion Law Online Class...

Interested in being a part of the class. Register with the the link below 


And now for the fashion law chat!

1.     How did you get started in fashion?  What sparked your interest?
I have always had interest in fashion from my days in secondary/high school. I always made a conscious effort to stand out. I enjoyed watching documentaries, runway events on fashion TV. Initially, I didn't know anything about designing, so when I had a creative design in my head, I described it on paper. My love for fashion then and now has only grown stronger.

2.     How you would you describe your role in fashion law in Nigeria?  Have you ever been part of the fashion industry in other countries?
Fashion law is relatively new and it is an emerging aspect of law in the world. As a budding fashion lawyer I understand the importance of the law in a business and to a large extent, I understand the business of fashion. Fashion law is gradually gaining recognition in Nigeria, there are several entrepreneurs under the fashion industry and in order for them to take their business to the next level, it is essential that the legal aspect is put in perspective.

3.     What do you just adore about the Nigerian fashion industry?
I love the fact that the industry is growing and it is appreciated and recognized globally. There are so many creative passionate individuals in the fashion industry in Nigeria that are driven to make a huge difference.
The industry has great potential and so much value which I totally adore.

4.     What are some legal issues or challenges you feel are the most pressing right now in the fashion industry?
There are several legal issues faced by the fashion industry. One of the major legal challenges faced by the fashion industry is the lack of clarity as to the protection of a designers work. Technology has revolutionized the fashion industry by increasing the pace of reproduction of outfits. This also has increased the level of infringement globally. The necessity of a reform of Nigerian intellectual property laws to protect Nigerian fashion designs is apparent. Intellectual property law reform in Nigeria would not only be beneficial to protecting designers and the industry at large, but also could provide direct economic benefits which would help protect the prosperity of Nigeria's fashion designers. 

5.     What inspired you to start your blog?  
Right before I got into the university, I read about fashion law and I told myself this is what I would love to do, but I made no move towards that...At a conference, I met a role model who was a lawyer and I spoke to her about fashion law... The first thing she asked me was “you have passion for fashion law, what are you doing about it?” She inspired me to start up my blog. She motivated me to make a move and I took the step. I had three great inspirations:  my passion, the fact that I understood the value of what I was going to share and the lady who told me to make a move.

6.     What advice would you give to anyone considering getting into the fashion industry as a designer?  What would you tell interested lawyers or law students?
•Make that move
•Know what you want
•Have a message
•Share that message with the world
•Take steps even though you are scared or if you have any doubt. According to Nike, ‘Just Do It’
•Write your own story
•Always believe in yourself.. Always!

7.     What do you feel the fashion law industry needs most?  What do you plan to do to help achieve those needs?
The fashion industry needs a legal and business structure that can promote the businesses in the industry. There is the need for a proper business and legal education in this industry. The industry is not lacking in talent but these creatives need knowledge on how to run their businesses and also steps to take to protect their businesses in order to get to the next level.
I have actively been a part of the fashion industry for six years, the Nigerian fashion industry has massive potentials and for these potentials to be fully maximized, the industry has to be taken a whole lot more serious. The idea of a fashion business equally has to be taken serious. Through the Africa Fashion Law platform, I hope to make a difference in the industry by providing business and legal information to start-up and running fashion brands--information which would be necessary for the development of the fashion brands.

8.     What do you consider your "fashion mark"? (something you always wear or something people always recognize about your style).
Hmmm... let me think, there is something about black. I always find myself in black, maybe because it is part of the dress code colors for lawyers/law students.
9.    What's one quote that inspires you in life?
"Success is you versus yourself"... best quote ever!

Thanks Annie for hanging with us! Can't wait for the panel.
Register now!

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B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Green

Retailers Zoom In On Sustainability--

With carbon footprints and "going green" gaining more attention, fashion retailers are putting sustainability at the top of their strategy plans.  Fashion has long been an industry serving excess, but as tides in the environment change, so too does the garment market.

Greater emphasis is being put on strengthening the circular economy, these days.  Brands large and small are shifting away from a make-sell-make model, taking conservation into account.  While fast fashion still has its place, "slow fashion" is making moves to increase consciousness of how negative impacts on the environment really hurt everyday life.

Many consumers are responding, too, looking for Fair Trade brands to support (here are 35!), and taking notes from the World Fair Trade Organization on what they should be seeking when they shop.    People not only want to know the earth is being well-served, but that employees are being treated right as well.  Shoppers are buying at all levels and reconsidering treatment of low-cost items as disposable.

In response to consumer energy, big brands like Eileen Fisher, H&M, and Levis are stepping up.  Eileen Fisher offers a discount on items when previously purchased garments are brought back to their stores.  They even reuse the garments to make new ones, giving them new life.  Levis is doing the same through their "I:Collect" program, and are even including shoes.  Fabrics are repurposed into yarn for denim, and they've taken the lead on using less water in the finishing of their denims.  H&M has a goal of using only recycled or sustainably-sourced materials by 2030.  Major stakers are doing what they must.

Surely this is just the start of extending the life of textiles. They deserve a longer lifespan, don't they?!

Here's more on how fast fashion is killing your pockets.  This True Cost Documentary shares some alarming truths, too.  

Monday, January 14, 2019

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Promotes

Relax She's Natural!

Shining light on the work of women excelling in their craft is something we love to do here at B.A.F.F.L.E.D.  Don't forget about this powerful crowdfunding campaign for one of favorite business owners.  

Dee Browley, of Chicago's Relax She's Natural Hair Salon is continuing to do MAJOR things!  After being highlighted in Essence Magazine as a top hair care salon in the nation, Dee is still working, still rising.
In the Spring of 2019, she will be heading to the exclusive, renowned Mahogany Natural Hair Academy, to continue sharpening her skills, and set her own path to educate ablaze.

Check out more about Dee's story and be sure to donate to the cause if your heart moves you.  We sure will!

Best of Blessings Dee! 


Hello My name is Deanna (Dee) Browley, it’s been four years since I’ve embarked on my pursuit of happiness, RelaxShesNatural! 

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned so far has been, "don't just celebrate the major victories but the entire journey". I understand that now, being the sixth child of seven children to a single mother, would be just as important for me as it was to sit in a classroom and learn from a teacher. 

RelaxShesNatural is the physical representation of purpose meeting passion! I’m a 36 year old wife and mother of three beautiful children, in which I’m sure you know this hasn’t been a easy, but I am up for the challenge. My husband and I own RelaxShesNatural LLC (you can find on IG RelaxShesNatural_llc or check out the website

We currently have a hair salon in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood. The vision is to equip women with the knowledge, tools and confidence to properly take care of their at-home health/haircare needs. In order for this to manifest, the need for continuing education is mandatory.  

Today I’m asking for your help in helping me “Make It For Us”! The knowledge I obtain from this experience, will be beneficial to my clients and future students, as well as the overall growth of RelaxShesNatural. 

Image result for mahogany natural hair academy
I've recently been accepted to attend the Mahogany Natural Hair Academy Celebrity Natural Styles Bootcamp, in Los Angeles March of 2019, with Dr Kari Williams (Physician with a focus of Hair Loss, creator of the Goddess Loc, Celebrity Natural HairCare Specialist) and Nadra Smiley the visionary behind the first Natural Hair School in Illinois, Amazon Natural Hair Academy. 

Due to the fact we are a small business and funds are limited, tied into our everyday expenses, the goal is to raise 10,000 by January 18, 2019 for Bootcamp and the Business to cover overhead while attending. Your investment can be sent directly to PayPal.Me/RelaxShesNatural, I’ve decided to be the change I want to see! Help me “MAKE IT FOR US”! 

Any further questions, contact me via email,
Thank you, Deanna (Dee) Browley


*Check out her feature in Voyage Chicago, too!

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