Friday, February 15, 2019

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Spotlights

Africa Fashion Law Blogger, Annie Oti!

It's #FashionLaw Friday!

Fashion Law has been a rising niche in America for over 10 years now, but it's not the only country in on all the fun.  We got to chat with the Creator of Africa Fashion Law, Annie Oti, and get her take on the niche in general, as well as what's happening in her home of Nigeria.

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And now for the fashion law chat!

1.     How did you get started in fashion?  What sparked your interest?
I have always had interest in fashion from my days in secondary/high school. I always made a conscious effort to stand out. I enjoyed watching documentaries, runway events on fashion TV. Initially, I didn't know anything about designing, so when I had a creative design in my head, I described it on paper. My love for fashion then and now has only grown stronger.

2.     How you would you describe your role in fashion law in Nigeria?  Have you ever been part of the fashion industry in other countries?
Fashion law is relatively new and it is an emerging aspect of law in the world. As a budding fashion lawyer I understand the importance of the law in a business and to a large extent, I understand the business of fashion. Fashion law is gradually gaining recognition in Nigeria, there are several entrepreneurs under the fashion industry and in order for them to take their business to the next level, it is essential that the legal aspect is put in perspective.

3.     What do you just adore about the Nigerian fashion industry?
I love the fact that the industry is growing and it is appreciated and recognized globally. There are so many creative passionate individuals in the fashion industry in Nigeria that are driven to make a huge difference.
The industry has great potential and so much value which I totally adore.

4.     What are some legal issues or challenges you feel are the most pressing right now in the fashion industry?
There are several legal issues faced by the fashion industry. One of the major legal challenges faced by the fashion industry is the lack of clarity as to the protection of a designers work. Technology has revolutionized the fashion industry by increasing the pace of reproduction of outfits. This also has increased the level of infringement globally. The necessity of a reform of Nigerian intellectual property laws to protect Nigerian fashion designs is apparent. Intellectual property law reform in Nigeria would not only be beneficial to protecting designers and the industry at large, but also could provide direct economic benefits which would help protect the prosperity of Nigeria's fashion designers. 

5.     What inspired you to start your blog?  
Right before I got into the university, I read about fashion law and I told myself this is what I would love to do, but I made no move towards that...At a conference, I met a role model who was a lawyer and I spoke to her about fashion law... The first thing she asked me was “you have passion for fashion law, what are you doing about it?” She inspired me to start up my blog. She motivated me to make a move and I took the step. I had three great inspirations:  my passion, the fact that I understood the value of what I was going to share and the lady who told me to make a move.

6.     What advice would you give to anyone considering getting into the fashion industry as a designer?  What would you tell interested lawyers or law students?
•Make that move
•Know what you want
•Have a message
•Share that message with the world
•Take steps even though you are scared or if you have any doubt. According to Nike, ‘Just Do It’
•Write your own story
•Always believe in yourself.. Always!

7.     What do you feel the fashion law industry needs most?  What do you plan to do to help achieve those needs?
The fashion industry needs a legal and business structure that can promote the businesses in the industry. There is the need for a proper business and legal education in this industry. The industry is not lacking in talent but these creatives need knowledge on how to run their businesses and also steps to take to protect their businesses in order to get to the next level.
I have actively been a part of the fashion industry for six years, the Nigerian fashion industry has massive potentials and for these potentials to be fully maximized, the industry has to be taken a whole lot more serious. The idea of a fashion business equally has to be taken serious. Through the Africa Fashion Law platform, I hope to make a difference in the industry by providing business and legal information to start-up and running fashion brands--information which would be necessary for the development of the fashion brands.

8.     What do you consider your "fashion mark"? (something you always wear or something people always recognize about your style).
Hmmm... let me think, there is something about black. I always find myself in black, maybe because it is part of the dress code colors for lawyers/law students.
9.    What's one quote that inspires you in life?
"Success is you versus yourself"... best quote ever!

Thanks Annie for hanging with us! Can't wait for the panel.
Register now!

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