Thursday, June 6, 2019

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Celebrates

Our 10th Anniversary!!

In just a few weeks The B.AF.F.L.E.D. Blog will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary!  We've written about and changed quite a bit since July of 2009, but it's been such a great journey.  From guest posts, to brand and product Spotlights and launches, we're excited to see what the next phase brings us.

Like any good Thursday, we'll be sharing some of our favorite throwbacks from the last 10 years as we gear up for the big day.  Surely we'll share fashion law tips and trends, popular Tuesday Tops posts, and many others.  

Check out a few of our most popular posts as we get this flashback to thrive forward poppin!


Fabulous Ladies of Fashion Law - This post was not only fun to work on, but critical as the fashion law industry began to really take flight!

Michael McCann - Sports Lawyer Dedicated Professor

A little history on blue jeans  

20 Little Known Facts About Fashion

Naturally You: A Spotlight on the Natural Hair Journey Journal  

Enjoy these faves, and get excited about more!!

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