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Tory Burch offers counterfeit FAQ on website

Kardashians file appeal to injunction over Khroma Beauty 

Brazilian Congress passes bill to regulate profession of designers

Yoko Ono sued for copying

Labor rights for fashion interns

Fashion brands protect IP, but are wary of suing peers

The Red Sole Battle finally ends

Even garment hangers need trademark protection

Copyright troubles for H&M

How Nike selling Cole Haan may affect you

Coach awarded millions in anti-counterfeiting case

Forever 21 files suit against Forever Family

Lululemon's Yoga-Pant waistband stretches the limits of design patent protection

D.C. headed for the fashion map? 

Senator wants to bring copyright law to the runway

Chanel ordered to pay in copying lawsuit

Fashion Law gains momentum after Reuters article, by Uduak Oduok

In fashion circles, lawyers becoming sought-after accessories

Lawyer hopes jeans case will deter counterfeiters

Louboutin soles are saved!

Fashion Lawyer sues Forever 21 over a penny--but it's serious!

Court did NOT find Gucci relative guilty of trademark infringement

Retail counterfeiting has grown into $600 billion industry

Fashion Designers & The Law: A Rulebook for Independent Designers and The Marketers Behind Them

Louis Vuitton files appeal over Hangover 2 decision

Did Kate Spade copy her poppy?

The other shoe drops...Louboutin loses to Zara, by Ashley Froese of Canada Fashion Law

Nike files trademark suit against Already LLC (Yums)

Coach sues Oregon company for trademark infringement

Adidas sues over "3 Stripes"

Louis Vuitton wins counterfeit bag lawsuit

Hoodie does not equal hoodlum.  Nor does a miniskirt mean "yes"...but that's another issue. 

Lawyer criticized for nonconformist outfits find field of Fashion Law

Runway rights from music to models: A Fashion Law Institute Article

10 Designer Lawsuits - Fashion Law in 2012

Louis Vuitton set a new standard in federal trademark and copyright law

Tiffany & Co. Joins Louboutin in the Fashion Color War

Diamonds are a sole's best friend

The Fashion Bill Slowly Creeps Toward Becoming a Law

Fashion law over the border:  An interview with Canadian Fashion Lawyer, Ashlee Froese

Testimony from the House Judiciary Committee Hearing on IDPPPA

Fashion is in the House! 


5 Ways to Know Fashion Law is REAL! 

Fashion Law:  The Movement!

Is Fashion for Everyone?

The Business of Fashion

Fashion Law 101: Fashion Licensing

5 Fashion Books You Should Definitely Own

The Finer Art of Faking It - How to Spot Fakes

Are you a Fashion Lawyer?  Dress the part!

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