Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year;No Resolutions.

Each year, as the December weeks wind down we start to hear the rumblings of “New Year’s Resolutions”. The funny part is, we all know, after mid-January, early February at the latest, some of these “resolutions” will be put on the shelf until the upcoming mid-December conversations.

So why continue making resolutions just because it’s a new year? Why not just set daily goals and throw the monthly calender out the window? Making short term goals as the stepping stone to long term ones can sometimes the better road to results. It’s an easier contrast to overstating or overcommitting ourselves for an entire year. Who knows what can happen in the meantime; things change, people change, circumstances change. Really, the only promise we have ahead is change and we might as well get used to it!

Surely we all have some sort of resolution or goal on deck for this year, whether it’s new year related or “I just need a change”-based. Should they really be short term goals, or personal requirements to not be pushed aside in a few weeks? Are your eating habits and personal care where you want them? Do you get enough sleep? Are you making sounds business decisions? How do your personal finances look? Is your wardrobe in need of an update? It is 2010, you know. Are you going to find ways to do more with less. Do some things need to be tended to whether it’s January or not?!

What are some resolutions you’ve made in the past? Have you stuck with them? Do you have any resolution alternatives? Are you a goal-setter? Does it have to be a new year to make a personal resolution?

Lots to think about so early in the year, huh?!

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