Friday, February 5, 2010

Celebrate American History

February has long been recognized as Black History Month. What we often don't recognize is, Black History is American history. African-Americans have an immensely rich history of their own, but it has an important place in the history of this nation. To continue progressing as a country, we must be forever conscious of the contributions of all our equally important sub-cultures.

Here's some important contributions African-Americans have made to the land we call home:

Alexander Mills - Elevator

Richard Spikes
- Automobile gear shift

Garrett Morgan - Traffic signals

Albert R. Robinson
- Electric trolley

John Love - Pencil sharpener

L.C. Bailey
- Folding bed

Andrew J. Beard - Rotary engine

Marie Brown
- Video surveillance home security system

Sarah Boone - Ironing board

Otis Boykin
- Pacemaker

George W. Carver - Paints & satins, peanut butter, lotion and soaps

Lee Barrage - Typewriter

John Standard
- Refrigerator

W.B. Purvis - Fountain pen

Dr. Charles Drew
- Blood plasma

America would be so different without them.

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