Tuesday, March 16, 2010

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Healthy Legislation On The Way

Over the weekend, federal legislators made strong pushes to ensure health care reform would be surfacing later this week. After trouble within the Democratic party to get on one accord, it appears their side of the aisle is doing what they must to save the party name.

Of course the Republican side of the aisle is looking to make it as difficult as possible. But, with a strong majority, the Democrats should be able to do what's needed to face the nation in the direction of good health. Both David Axelrod (Obama's Senior Adviser) and Robert Gibbs (Press Secretary) are confident the Democratic party will get the votes needed to get things done. Health care has been a major hotbutton issue during the Obama administration and nothing would make a better mark than getting things done.

What do you think would be the key to getting amicable health care reform on Capitol Hill? How do your legislators feel about it? Are you influencing their vote in any way?

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