Saturday, April 24, 2010

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Gives

A friend and follower of B.A.F.F.L.E.D. is leading a charge on raising money to save lives. The author of Real Talk with Felicia (check out Sites to See on the right panel) is looking, not only for dollars to pledge, but stories to share.

Check out the details below and share what you, movies, or even just motivation.

As many of you know, I am in the midst of a campaign to raise money for the Susan G Komen Foundation. I am hoping to have this as an annual event...we shall see.

Well as part of my final fundraiser event, I want to put together an inspirational 'movie'.

I am looking for survivors & warriors! who have battled breast cancer... I want to take all the people and chop it up into a "movie" that puts a face to the cause...a familiar face.

If you are a survivor, or a warrior I would love to hear from you. I am looking for a video (1-2 minutes) that simply states the following:

1. Name
2. Age
3. Whether you are a survivor or a warrior
4. A simple message about you being one of the above.
(i.e. I am a survivor because.... or I am a warrior because...)

Please note that by submitting your video or picture and statement, you will be granting permission for me to use your video and/or picture and statements in a media presentation to promote awareness about breast cancer

***Please feel free to share with your friends or family members that might be willing to share their message (of hope) as well.***

If you can't submit a video, then a picture and an email including the 4 things above should work.

****Please send all emails/videos to:

I am looking to have all submissions by May 5th, to give me time to put this together.

Thanks in advance!

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