Tuesday, May 18, 2010

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The Anticipation of the NBA Off-Season is Raging...
By Contributing Editor, L.B.R.

In the coming months, the NBA could see some major roster changes. A number of big name players will be reaching free agency, and could find themselves in brand new uniforms, or in a new region of the country.

Not since '96, when Shaq left Orlando for L.A., has the NBA seen the possibility of such drastic change. One of the biggest anticipations is where LeBron James will land. With the Cavs now out of the playoffs, a lot of sports analysts are weighing in on where he could end up. Many say Chicago, and surely the Windy City hopes so (Fingers crossed! Between LeBron, D. Rose, and Noah, the Bulls are gonna be beasts!). Others are thinking he might head to the Nets, who will be soon leaving New Jersey for Brooklyn. Some speculate 'Bron might head to NYC, especially with Jay-Z as the owner of the team.

Others up for big moves include; Dwyane Wade (Miami), Chris Bosh (Toronto), and Amar'e Stoudamire (Phoenix). The anticipation of these players leaving teams they've been with for years is building fast.

This off-season is definitely going to be Nothin But Anticipation!

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