Thursday, May 20, 2010

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Gives

Bargains at the Bottomless Closet!

Bottomless Closet Inc.

*Size 8 - Spring or Summer Bride? Win a beautiful Wedding Dress. Bring as many friends as you can to our next sale, support our mission and enter our raffle for this classic gown.*

Bottomless Closet has 2 inventory reduction sales in the month of May! On Friday the 21st from 11am until 7pm and on Saturday the 22nd from 10am until 2pm. 435 N. LaSalle Street Chicago, IL.

All proceeds go to support our core mission - giving women the opportunity to get back to work. Many of us have to be frugal these days and it just makes sense to spend less where you can, while at the same time helping others who are struggling at this point in their lives. So join us on Friday and Saturday.

Enjoy a shopping experience that provides the best of brand name and designer clothing at the lowest possible cost to you - and rest easy - it's your good deed for the day!

The founding mission of Bottomless Closet was "to elevate the employment potential and marketability of women welfare recipients who want to work. It will provide clothing, at no charge, to women on assistance who don't have suitable clothing to wear to a job interview".

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