Tuesday, August 3, 2010

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Team USA Ready To Roll

Just because it's summer doesn't mean basketball is on ice. Team USA basketball is in full swing. After some unsatisfying runs in the last few World Championships, Jerry Colangelo and Coach K have their staff ready to take this team to the promised land. With Jason Kidd on deck as an intern/mentor to the players, a host of shining stars are set to take gold in Turkey starting August 28th.

With Kevin Durant, Rajon Rondo, Derrick Rose, and Chauncey Billups leading the way, the team was trimmed from 22 to 15 after working out in Vegas for a week. Training will continue in NYC on August 10, to make certain silver or bronze are not an option. “
We had an outstanding week of training camp in Las Vegas and it is apparent we have a group of guys that are very focused, committed, and desirous of playing for USA Basketball. The identity of the team is still evolving, but it is pretty obvious we’re going to be very athletic; we’re going to be very strong in the back court; we think our shooting ability is underestimated, we think we’ve got a number of people who can shoot the ball; and so we’re pleased with our progress to date,” stated Colangelo, Chairman of USA Basketball.

Playing every 4 years, the World Championship team is usually considered the prep team for the Olympics. We haven't seen gold in quite some time, as analysts say bigger stars are selected for the Olympics. Things will surely be different this time around. They have too much talent to disappoint.

We'll keep watching the team and feeding basketball fetishes as the summer goes on.


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