Friday, October 22, 2010

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When the Advantages of Cyberspace Have Gone Too Far

In recent weeks, more than 3 teenagers have ended their lives after being bullied in cyberspace.  Cyber-bullying is a new crime, joining many others, as our society technologically advances.  It is defined as harassment using electronic media.  In fact, "cyberbullying" is just a new way to act on an age-old tactic. With the rise in instant communication, come new ways to connect, and unfortunately new ways to disconnect.

The beneficial uses of social networking have found negative attributes in the way users are able to take advantage of an open forum to the detriment of others. Many compare social networks to "parties" where you can host or join.  Those using their personal pages as platforms to harass others are not making it fun for everyone.

Because of the recent tragedies resulting from technology abuse, many states legislators have pushed to regulate cyberspace.  Most recently, a New Jersey Senator proposed a bill which would use federal powers to require all colleges to have a code of conduct, making it clear bullying and harassment would not be tolerated.  The bill also requires having a policy for dealing with complaints. Outlawing cyberbullying has been on the legislative calendar in many other states, including Illinois and Texas.

What are your thoughts on cyberbullying?  How should it be regulated?

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  1. There needs to be more regulations around this for sure! To learn about these devastating stories in such a short period of time speaks to the need for more attention! I was watching Larry King and he had Wanda and Kathy on and you could see how passionate they were in making abuse/bullying a BIG DEAL! Kathy said we cant just walk by these types of situations anymore...The awareness around this topic is steadily increasing. With that said, happy to see you attributing to the cause!


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