Saturday, October 16, 2010

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Everybody Is A Journalist

If my business were an object, it would be a mirror because ultimately, it’s about creating work that reflects the inner journalist inherent within each person… or at least within the cool people I know.

See, I encounter people who have some awesome talents. They do amazing work. But, what I find is that people often need a little help telling their stories. As someone with experience as a journalist, I know how valuable those stories are.

I attended the NABJ Conference in San Diego as a participant in a media entrepreneurship program called New U.  During the event reception, my mentor challenged me to go up to people and give them my elevator pitch. She’d introduce me, do a lead-in, then hand it over to me to talk up my project.

One woman was sort of un-impressed with the idea. I was telling her that I wanted to help connect the folks who have the stories with the media outlets that can best distribute them, and she said–gesturing to the people around her, “What makes you think that the people who have the stories have ANY problem telling them?” She sort of rolled her eyes when she said the “any”.

That’s when I realized that it’s about perspective. Journalists may not always see just how valuable their skillsets are when they consort with so many others in the field who share them. On the same note, the web 2.0 era has made it easier for everyone to have outlets to tell their stories, sort of democratizing the sharing of ideas, as Justin Halpern says. And, then let’s not forget about the folks I mentioned earlier who have the most amazing stories, but either don’t know it or don’t know how to share those stories.  That’s where I come in: to connect the dots.  Advancing the field of journalism, utilizing the ease of providing and distributing content that social media provides, and helping people tell their stories. 

Talking to her gave me an idea of what to name the business…at least for now:  Everybody Is A Journalist™.

Remember that entrepreneurship program I was telling you about earlier? We’re getting votes now for best business concept.  I could use your help.  Please vote for me by clicking this link:

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