Tuesday, December 7, 2010

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Tops

Top 5 Ways to Improve Education in America

America is thought to be one of the most educated nations in the world, but we still have many challenges, especially on the grammar school and high school levels.  Higher education and professional fields are always advancing, but what can we do to prevent this generation of youngsters from being the first to be less educated than their parents? Yes, this is a fact.

Here's what B.A.F.F.L.E.D. suggests.  Let us know what you think!

1. Make education spending the last to be cut -  This is a tough one because things are not as easy as they appear when it comes to writing and passing legislation, but it's worth stressing to your legislators.  Education is the foundation of our society, and cutting funds to something so fundamental to everything we do now and will be affected by later, is critical.  We must all fight to keep as much money in our schools as possible to ensure up-to-date books, sharp teachers, and helpful resources, to keep America competing on the global stage. 

2. Have "teachers teach teachers", and regularly learn from one another - This method is used in some school systems, and should be widely spread.  Having teachers watch one another teach, especially beyond their initial training periods, continues to sharpen their skills as they work to sharpen the minds of students.  Teachers should continue getting training, as the world of education is advancing like the rest of our fast-paced society.  No one should ever stop learning.

3. Increase phonics and foreign language lessons as well as civic education - More than enough people completely butcher the English language and its uses.  Granted, the language is pretty tough and has some picky rules, but there are some parts of the language we should never lose sight of.  Sure, the popular acronyms of texting can hamper our memory of proper English, but with stronger lessons in school, we can do better.  Additionally, we must work to get students to master English, but become well-versed in a foreign language as well.  Youngsters in most other developed countries know their native language and learn English at an early age.  America should be no different, especially with the melting pot of citizens we have, and the global economy we live in today.  Civic education is an important lesson schools have started to lose.  Knowing how local, state, and federal government work is very important, especially as we raise future voters.  Students need to understand the branches of government and the structures governing their locale. 

4. Keep (or bring back) music in schools - Music in schools is a must.  Though many schools are suffering from reduced budgets, the importance of music education is unmatched.  Music is a great tool to not only teach students about working together, but it stimulates the mind, and gives them a talent they can take with them everywhere.  Visit The NAMM Foundation and VH1's Save the Music Foundation to help keep music playing in your school. 

5. Keep athletics in schools - Music is usually cut before sports, but some schools have seen some of their athletic programs cut, too.  Sports in school is not only important in keeping students active- fighting childhood obesity, but it also furthers learning outside the classroom.  Children learn about teamwork, pride, hustle, and discipline.   They also gain skills in time management, as they work to balance schoolwork and sports commitments.  

We can never deny the importance of education in our society.  Let's all work to do our part in making sure our future is bright.

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