Thursday, January 20, 2011

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What Are You Drinking?!

Americans consume liters of carbonated drinks by the millions everyday. Of course, they may be pretty tasty and easily accessible, as we can find them at all gas stations and convenient stores. But are they good for us?

Carbonated beverages have long been a link in the chain to obesity, as are a number of high sugar delights. Then again, most things are not good unless in moderation. Most recently, carbonated beverages consumed in excess have been linked to preterm births as well as esophageal cancer. Studies show the consumption of one can of soda a day corresponds to 53.5 minutes of elevated acid levels in the stomach. When this is figured on an annual basis, that's about 53 gallons of soda per year, with 32,100 more minutes of elevated acid reflux per year, and the esophagus' exposure to it.

Mohandas Mallath, head of the digestive diseases department at Tata Memorial Hospital in India, found a "very significant correlation" between the rise in consumption and esophageal cancer globally.  We're not suggesting giving up these tasty drinks all together, but like all other things moderation is best.  Swapping bubbly beverages for natural juices and water is a healthy option for curbing negative effects. 

What are your drink choices like?  Could you stand to make some changes in your carbonation intake?  Would the changes be positive in your diet and well-being?

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