Saturday, March 19, 2011

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Need to Kick Off Your Creative Career!?

Many of us are deep into the creative arts-- whether it's music, journalism, dancing, or design of some sort.  In today's society, we all need to be flexible in reaching our goals and honing our crafts.  Obviously, one of the main struggles facing those in the creative arts is funding.  

Well, today we have a treat for you!  KickStarter is a great resource for musical artist.  This site offers the forum for sharing and highlighting your music, and letting others donate to support your project.  You can share your own web link with friends, and encourage them to pledge money towards the production of your music.  It's an innovative way to promote new artists, and truly a sign of the times.

To see what the site offers, check out the link above, as well is the project of Koku Gonz.  She's a Chicago artist on the rise, with major talent.  Check her out, and KickStart your career!

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