Tuesday, April 5, 2011

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Tops

Top 5 Fashion Must-Haves for Spring 2011

Spring has finally sprung across the land.  After a bitter cold winter, snow, blizzards, and wintry mixes, we are seeing things heat up a bit.  Today, we are highlighting the things we must have fashion-wise as the weather continues to warm.  Got more suggestions??  Let us know!

1. Neutral Colors
Even though a pop of bright color is always welcome, neutral colors are the "in" thing this spring.  Tans, earth greens, off white....they are all taking center stage, for girls as well as guys.  

2. Patterns for Ladies
Fashionistas will be seen in lots of prints over the coming months.   From plaids, to florals and stripes, printed attire will be a must for the sunny days ahead.

3. Hats for Guys
Whether it's your favorite fedora, or the cap supporting your home team, hats for guys are certainly in this coming season.  Hats can be worn to dress up an outfit for the evening or top one off for the afternoon.  Just about any hat can put a little extra on a smooth gentleman's look.

4. Denim!
Even though the temperatures are rising, denim will still be a staple in our warm weather wardrobes.  From denim jackets to dresses and shorts, denim, paired with bold tops will absolutely keep you on top of your fashion game in spring.  This foundation of fashion can always be dressed up or down, and is pretty much a must for every season.

5. Meaningful Accessories
Sure accessories are usually thought to be a women's fashion piece, but men have their share as well.  This spring, having the ultimate accessory is key.  Fashionable watches, shiny chains or necklaces, or even a wristband supporting your favorite cause, pairing the perfect accessory with your attire will speak volumes.  Accessories are appropriate for the office as well as the "scene", and some can translate easily for both!  Take the extra couple minutes to put a spin on your 'fit before leaving the house.  It'll go a long way!

Happy shopping!

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