Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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Top 5 Ways to Know Fashion Law is Real!

For some time, speculators have found the fashion industry and those specializing in it as, mmm maybe even trivial.  Clothes, accessories, how outfits are put together --it doesn't have the same weight as business, law, or education.  OH but it does!!  Fashion is a viable part of all these industries, and more!  Here's why the field of fashion law is more than just a fun blog topic...

1. The Fashion Law Institute
Like many other popular professions, the fashion law industry now has its own educational core.   The Fashion Law Institute at Fordham Law launched this past fall, led by fashion law pioneer, Susan Scafidi and has not stopped pressing ahead.  With a recent Fashion Law Symposium and an upcoming Summer Intensive Program, this Institute is making sure the fashion law industry maintains its strength. 

2. Increased Blogging
Although blogging in general is new, relatively speaking, fashion blogging has taken off like wildfire.  Fashionistas everywhere are weighing in on the industry and offering expertise at every whim.  Blogs like Fashion for JoJo, and Fame Appeal are 2 of our faves, and are the perfect sites for staying up to date. 

3. The Cases Show It
Fashion is now finding itself in the courtroom.  With the speed of technological advancement, it gets easier to send pictures straight from the runway to the drawing table.  Trademark infringement has increased, and the fight against fakes is on the rise, too.  Just ask Harper's Bazaar's Never Fakes...Fakes are NEVER in fashion!

 4. The Changes in the Global Market
The global market is changing everything.  New trends in the economy and business industry contribute to the presence of fashion law in the global market.  Not only are fashion lawyers fighting cases across the seas, but the vigilance over fashion brands and trademarks is becoming a round-the-clock job.  Because so many designers want global coverage, their need for strong fashion counsel is imperative. 

5. It's Where the Money Is!
Although fashion law is a growing niche, it sits on the foundation of an extremely profitable market.  Fashion is everywhere, in some shape or form, so while new collections come up all the time, protecting the brands, and investing in the security of the brand take major priority.  We're not saying being a fashion lawyer is an instant-rich job by any means, but the industry itself is not only bringing in billions, but has a space for everyone.   Whether global or local, fashion has a spot for you!

Fashion Law is Real!


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  2. Thank you so much for the continuous support. You inspire me to not give up on my dreams, and you’re such a genuine person. I am forever so proud of you and your many accomplishments. Stay blessed.

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  3. Yes...indeed it exists. I've been preaching it! Thanks for the post :)


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