Tuesday, April 26, 2011

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Tops

5 Traits of an Amazing Lawyer~

Lawyers can get a bad rep sometimes.  Lawyers can be not so good, and lawyers can be exceptional.  To be exceptional in the craft, we have a few key suggestions:

1. Know the Law Generally
Law school can be a blur.  So many things make so much more sense after graduation and the bar.  However, once you start to see things in practice, it never hurts to remind yourself of general, everyday legal principles.  Some things, we just have to know off hand and keep at the top of mind- felonies v. misdemeanors, consideration in contracts, equal protection, etc.  Having a top-line knowledge on the law will always keep your credibility in tact.

2. Know Your Niche
General knowledge about the law is essential, but those of us who have a thing for target markets have to stay on top of them!  When your work is made up of a specialty, whether it be business, education, fashion, environmental law, or whatever, be the expert!  Know the field inside and out.  Write in the field if you can, make contacts and connections.  Do all you can to be a subject-matter expert and go-to person when your services are needed.

3. Be Vigilant
Lawyers have to have a watchful eye at all times.  Not just when completing a professional assignment, but in every aspect of life.  We're not saying keep your lawyer hat on 24/7, but being conscious of what's going on around you when you're out and about will not only make you aware of your surroundings, but keep you sharp when you do have the lawyer hat on!  As our signature phrase goes...."look alive!"

4. Show You Care
Lawyers are not the sharks we are sometimes portrayed as on TV or in the media.  Lawyers are careful officers of the court and keepers of the law.  To stay on top of your legal game, take on pro bono projects, volunteer, and help those entering the profession behind you.  Helping each other is the only way to get, and stay ahead.  Build a network and keep it strong!

5. Keep Learning
No one should every stop learning, especially lawyers.  Things are changing all the time and we have to stay on top of them.  From new bills being filed to change laws --daily, to new developments in case law and common law, lawyers have to know the latest.  Being out of the loop not only looks bad on your due diligence, but is not much help to those you're working with, either.  Keep up!

We hope these tips are helpful to you, and as always...if you need more, just ask!

Here's some other great resources:


On a side note, because of amazing lawyers, the SCOTUS ruled in favor of the NFL players in their suit against the league.  As reported earlier, the NFL and its players have been battling over revenue shares, labor, and antitrust matters.  The negotiations soon ended and resulted in the league locking the players out.  Independent lawsuits were filed and now, after the high court's ruling, the league plans to appeal.  The appeal will be on the basis of injunctions being prohibited in labor disputes pursuant to federal law.

We'll keep watching!

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