Friday, July 22, 2011

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Jewelry Lovers Can Now Find Quality Pieces From Emerging Designers In One Convenient Location

DeVawn Accessories Launches an E-commerce Fashion Jewelry Website

New York – July 18, 2011 – Jewelry lovers understand how difficult it can be to find quality pieces of unique, yet trendy, jewelry at a reasonable price. While online jewelry is available, the quality of the goods is usually quite low, while the prices are high. DeVawn Accessories is proud to announce its new online store, which is designed to close this gap.

At DeVawn Accessories online boutique, [], shoppers can find unique, emerging name-brand jewelry from many designers. In addition to the simple online shopping interface, DeVawn allows customers to sign up for a newsletter service that keeps clients up-to-date on new developments in the jewelry design world. When they sign up, the newsletter will introduce them to up-and-coming designers, new products, and popular fashion trends.

DeVawn also gives customers the best prices on the Internet. DeVawn has very little overhead, which means the prices can be lower than most retail locations. The definition of fashion is so broad and so is the variety of jewelry offerings. Customers will find that all of their jewelry needs are met on

When asked what made her online store special Ashley Bonds, owner, stated:

“We have designed the new online store to be fun, bold, and exciting with features that allow our customers to interact with the site and view the products in videos and in photos. We do not bombard our customers with ads, or other gimmicks that many online stores make their clients deal with. At DeVawn, we love jewelry, and we want our customers to come to our website to share in that passion.”

About DeVawn Accessories
DeVawn is an online fashion jewelry boutique that features numerous unique pieces created by emerging designers. To see what pieces are currently available for sale, visit

Remember, the jewelry here at DeVawn is guaranteed to make a statement, giving you the power to be bold, be true, and be you!

If you would like more information regarding this topic please contact:

Ashley Bonds

DeVawn Accessories

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