Friday, July 15, 2011

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Model Minority Music

We love highlighting amazing talent, and this group is no different.  Their unique style and story is taking listeners by storm, and we hope to see them continue to climb to the top!

MODEL MINORITY is proud to present THE TIGER SONS Tape, following up on their previous release, THE MODEL MINORITY REPORT.

On THE TIGER SONS, emcees D-One, Grand Master Chu, and Inglish continue to speak about the lives of young, modern, Asian-Americans with their signature wordplay. Humorous, self-deprecating, and thoughtful, they address a range of subjects from growing up in Asian-American households (Battle Hymn of the Tiger Sons), online romance (Twitter Girl), historical struggles against racism (Vincent Chin.), and drop bilingual party tracks like Xian Kan Kan Wo (a Mandarin cover of Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now”) and Ooh It’s Just Genetic, Girl.

The lead single from THE TIGER SONS, Invisible People (Where’d You Go?), and its accompanying music video, are dedicated to those people whose voices and stories have been lost or ignored. With a music video shot in San Francisco, directed by Angela Yu, the song sees the three rappers speaking out against injustice in the classroom, courtroom, and media.

THE TIGER SONS Tape is available for free download & streaming at
The INVISIBLE PEOPLE music video is online at

Contact links:
D-One (@DavidBFung) -
Grand Master Chu (@JasonGLChu) -
Inglish (@AndrewJFung) -

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