Tuesday, August 9, 2011

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Top 5 Teas to Keep Your Cool & Healthy This Summer~

We love tea.  It's tasty, comes in a variety of strengths, brands, and flavors--plus it has health benefits.  From aiding in digestion to helping regulate weight and energy, tea is one of the oldest remedies known to man.

Here are some of our favorite teas we'd like to share.  You can also follow @WorldofTea on Twitter for more tea tips, etc.

Enjoy and drink up!

1.  Argo Tea
If you're in Chicago or NYC, this should be one of your regular stops.  They not only have healthy-tasty teas to go, but loose teas to take home and brew as well.  You can't go wrong with these low-cal selections.  Most options come hot and cold, and the seasonal features are available all year long. 

2. Yogi Tea
This brand offers motivational quotes on the tea bag string, and healthy living aids like antioxidants.  The Green Team Kombucha is a fave of ours, for its many health and healing aids.  You can definitely stock up on Yogi at Target!

3. Teavana
Teavana is available in most shopping malls, and has an amazing variety of loose teas and tea accessories.  You can get tea to drink on the spot, but the big winner here is their teas to go.  They have everything from green to black teas, white and rooibos.  The new Youthberry is a good choice for the summer and your stroll through the rest of the mall.  Try them out!

4. Honest Tea
Honest Tea's goal is to make organic and responsible beverages, including iced tea drinks. With nearly 40 varieties of tea, ades, and punches, it is very likely you will be able to find a flavor you enjoy. Another good thing about Honest Tea is that it does not have a ton of sugar in its products; there is just enough to give their beverages a hint of sweetness. 

5. Tazo Tea
For you Starbucks lovers, this is your tea of choice.  It's their house brand and comes in a nice variety of flavors including Refresh (mint green tea) and Passion Fruit.  You can even mix these with lemonade for a real summertime drink treat.

Share your favorite teas with us, whether store-bought or cafe!

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