Tuesday, August 23, 2011

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Tops

6 Things to do Before the Summer Ends

August is nearing its end, and the kids going back to school.  Before we know it, the temperatures will be dropping and our beloved summer season will be over.  So, here's some things we suggest doing before fall is among us.

1. Learn to Swim
Everyone needs to know how!  Even if you have a fear of water, overcome it with getting your feet wet and becoming comfortable.  You don't have to be a deep sea diver, but you shouldn't let the water have a reign over you.  Local pools are still open, and most YMCA's have indoor pools open all year.  Swimming is much easier than it appears.  Take a dip and enjoy!  This skill is invaluable. 

2. Chill on a Rooftop
Rooftop scenes are becoming increasingly popular these days.  They are a great intimate space for socializing, catching some sun, and have low costs!  If your city has an amazing skyline, check out a rootfop restaurant or lounge before the snow does!

3. Enjoy a Summer Drink 
There's plenty of great summer drinks for everyone to enjoy.  Check out this link and get to mixing! 

4. Get Some Warm Weather Exercises In
Once the temperature changes, we'll all have to be doing most exercising inside---because we should always be exercising!  With the summer closing, take those walks on the beach, runs by the lakefront, and other sun-dependent, warm temp activities while you still can! 

5. Prep Your Wardrobe for Fall
After all the physical activity you'll be doing to finish out the summer, a fall wardrobe is so necessary.  No need to buy all new things, but definitely take the chance to switch some things around.  Bring the cardigans back out, and wear things together you haven't before.  It's the best way to find new things in your closet without breaking the bank.  A shopping treat is always supported here, but moderation is definitely best!

6. Think About Your Community
We can always help one another and the area around us.  Everyone is responsible.  With many legislators in recess across the country, this is your chance to see what your community needs to improve.  Make a visit to your local and federal level legislators and discuss your area with them.  It won't take long, and they will surely appreciate the insight.  We are all responsible for where we live, and your input and leg work is needed!  If you can't visit, call or write.  They'll be heading back to session soon, and should know what to bring back with them.  Do your part!

Can you think of more?!  Let us know!!

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