Wednesday, September 28, 2011

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Legal Battles

The Michael Jackson Trial has Begun-

It’s no secret we love the King of Pop here at B.A.F.F.L.E.D.  With the trial for his death now on deck, a nerve has definitely been struck.  I had no choice but to note a couple of points of contention:
·      Conrad Murray, because he won’t be referred to as “Dr.” here, alleges he was trying to save Michael Jackson’s life, as the entertainer was depressed.
o   Incorrect!  The inappropriate audio tape recording Murray has brought forth, of MJ with slurred speech, expresses his joy for performing and the hopes he had for his show-- to make people label him the “best entertainer in the world”.
-  Mission Accomplished, Mike
o   Murray also had gallons of Propofol shipped to other addresses, obviously for use on the superstar.
·      Murray administered Propofol, despite the drug being banned from use outside a hospital setting
·      Murray claims Michael Jackson gave himself an extra dose of Propofol when Murray left the room
o   Seeing as the drug is not supposed to be administered outside a hospital, and the “doctor” was not keeping vigilance over his patient, there is clearly negligence here, along with disregard for his Hippocratic Oath.
-  According to the prosecution, this is clear “figurative and literal abandonment”. 
·      Murray claims a mix of Propofol and Lidocane made Jackson die instantly
o   According to HLN’s Dr. Drew, there’s no way the combination could result in instant death, but only slowed respiration
Michael’s troubles with prescription drugs are no secret either, but the gross negligence of a trusted medical professional, no matter how rich the patient, is sad.  Another enabler is not what Michael needed, while the standards he set so high for himself definitely got the best of him.  So many unanswered questions here.  A lot came up in this case yesterday, and despite the need for the trial to take place, it is surely an unwelcome rehash of a tragedy for the Jackson family, close friends, and fans. 
Based on all the details and allegations, which surfaced, we know this trial will continue to uncover bombshell after bombshell.  We can only hope--from a legal, moral, and fan perspective-- justice is served.

We will be watching this case at every step.  Stay Tuned!

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