Tuesday, September 27, 2011

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Tops

Top 6 Ways to Make the Most of this Economy - 

We know the state of the economy has brought about a number of challenges over the last few years.  Despite the tough conditions, there are many solutions available to help the journey to economic prosperity a little easier.

1. Network!
The days of filling out a job application and getting a phone call soon after are a thing of the past.  One of the best ways to build your career and your brand is networking.  For those starting from scratch, seeking a career change, or strengthening their empire, networking is critical to your success.  You meet people looking for your skills, find others with skills or connections you need, and build relationships to last.

Attend events in your field of interest, and watch things change for the better.

2. Embrace Social Media
Some people are a bit turned off by the constant communication and contact social media can provide.  However, we now have a slew of options for socializing over the internet, so you can find one just your speed.  Whether you like constant motion like Facebook or Twitter, or something more low-key like LinkedIn--which is great professionally-- technology has given us so many ways to connect and showcase our talents.  LinkedIn is like your online resume, and YouTube is your global stage to audition for the world.  Engage in some social media sites if you haven't already.

3. Sharpen Your Talent
If you are not exactly where you want to be professionally, taking the time to sharpen a talent, and even make some money from it, is a great way to pass time.  If you bake, market your goods and share with others.  Can you serve as a consultant to businesses or organizations who may have had to make internal cuts?  Offer your talent to them!  Are your artistic skills top-notch?  Market your design skills.  Whatever your passion is in life, take the time to make the most of it while you have ample opportunity.

4. Be Smart with Money
We never know how the market will turn, so having something saved for a rainy day is paramount.  Check out Certificates of Deposit, Money Market accounts, interest bearing savings accounts, and other low-risk tools to store some cash and build for later.  Putting money in a place where you can't touch it, but watch it grow will prove beneficial when the overall market gets better.

5. Volunteer and Serve Your Community
Similar to networking, this tip is a great way to meet people, and also a novel seed to plant for future growth.  Volunteering will help with social skills, as well as skills in whatever project you are working on.  You can lend a hand to help others, and for those believing in Karma, spin good into the universe to come back your way.  Serving your community is helpful to others, and is just as helpful to you.  Do what you can to improve the area around you.  It goes a long way, and in our society, we've got work to do!

6. Be Optimistic
Ok, this one sounds a bit cliche, but everything starts with the attitude.  Having a positive outlook, despite challenges will make things better, trust us on this one!  If you need help feeling good about things, take part in activities you enjoy.  Spending time with amazing, positive people, and keeping yourself busy with the other tips are perfect ways make the most of a challenging economy.

Have any other tips to share?!  Let us know!

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