Tuesday, October 25, 2011

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Tops

Top 5 Tips from Lawyer to Fashionista

Building a fashion brand is no easy task.  But, with a couple simple tips to keep in mind, the savvy designer can be well on their way to fashion branding success.

Start with these tips, and remember, you can always consult us for more!

1. Be careful selecting a name.
The uniqueness of your name is of the utmost importance.  You want to be sure no one else is using it, and also certain it is something which will be adequate as a brand identifier.  Although you don't need to have a descriptive name, as they are not as protective trademark-wise, you should have something which people will attach to your brand for years to come.  It will tell consumers about the quality of your collection, who it's made for, and guard against counterfeiters.  

Choosing the right name is key.  Your brand shield is the main thing you have in the market to represent you.  

2. Keep an attorney close.
Sure, it may seem like we're just plugging attorneys because we love them...and we do--but having an attorney to give you guidance in moving your brand through local, regional, and global markets will save you time and stress later.  Whether a friend or hired counsel, be sure you have someone you can lean on to be sure your collection is not going astray.

3. Produce locally as much as possible.
With the economy in the tough situation it is, keeping jobs in our immediate areas is of great importance.  As a designer, if you know someone who can sew, do graphic design, or other crafts necessary for your business, connect with them!  Keeping the local economy fruitful is good for all of us, and having a strong network is positive for your brand.

4.  Keep quality first. 
This one seems obvious, but can sometimes be overlooked.  Often, getting into larger production circles can make way for compromised quality.  Because your brand name will be flying freely through the market, you want to be certain the quality you claim is the quality your consumers receive--time and time again.  Keep an eye on your samples, and a closer eye on your mass production. 

5.  Embrace innovation.
Business would be pretty difficult these days without innovation.  From social media to fancy factory machines,  our fashion business is what it is today because our predecessors embraced new practices.  If you know a new or quick way to produce and design your goods, make the most of it.  You can possibly protect it with a patent.  As styles change so quickly from season to season, designers are challenged to stay on their feet and a step ahead.  

There are so many ways to embrace innovation, so be sure you are open to taking your design collection to the next level.

We hope these tips were helpful to you and look forward to sharing more.  You can also consult the Fashion Brain Academy for classes and webinars...a great resource!

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