Thursday, November 3, 2011

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Cares

If You Know Better, Do Better!

This age-old cliche, like many others, is true beyond belief.  Today's society is seeing some troubles like never before.  We all know it, so what are we doing about it?

Often, we look to our civic leaders and legislators to fix problems, but they cannot do it alone.  Simply voting at the polls is not enough.  You have to vote with your actions.  Some of the main issues in our world today could be diminished with a little consideration for our neighbors, and some extra efforts on our parts personally.  Who can't do something to help?  We all can in some way.

It's tough and unfair to rank our social woes, but some of them include things like underfunded education programs and school districts, a lack of pro bono work---and not just by lawyers, but in every field, and limited resources in areas needing them most; mental health care, law enforcement, drug rehabilitation, social services, just to name a few.

I firmly believe education is the foundation of everything, and it is clear a majority of teachers are doing the best they can with what they have.  But, as a community, we can all do more.  From volunteering at schools, to helping out neighborhood children with homework or in extra-curricular activities, we paint a better picture for our future and the generation who will care for us one day.  

Mental health is another sensitive issue, as many find it taboo.  To be clear, it is not.  Mental health is the core of our coping skills and can have a drastic impact on our everyday life if not properly cared for.  We must take our mental health seriously, and know seeking professional help is not a negative thing.  Optimal mental health contributes to reduced crime, better test scores in school, lower instances of domestic violence, and a host of other positives.  For more on mental health and its importance, click here.  

As I conclude this public service request, I ask for your input on what can be done, nationally and locally, to change the outlook of our communities as a whole.  While you think, I'll share these links with you of amazing organizations doing their part to make a difference.  Join them!

Got more?  Please share!

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