Monday, November 7, 2011

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November is Diabetes Awareness Month!

Diabetes is a disease affecting million of Americans.  Often called, "the Silent Killer", diabetes is  a group of diseases, characterized by high blood glucose levels, resulting from the body's deficiency in producing insulin. 

In many instances, diabetes can be controlled through proper eating habits and exercise.  As greater efforts and funding is put into diabetes research, we can get closer to combating its prevalence.  Diabetes can often be genetic, or based on one's diet, but it really can affect us all.  Notable people outside the fighters in our inner circles living with diabetes include
Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Halle Berry, Patti LaBelle, Bret Michales, Jay Cutler, Nick Jonas, Drew Carey, and Larry King. 

Each year, awareness about diabetes sparks during the month of November, largely through the efforts of the American Diabetes Association.  This amazing organization actually puts together efforts all year long, in pursuit of a cure for such a crippling condition. 

This year, they've highlighted 4 ways to get involved in Diabetes Awareness Month:  Share, Act, Learn, Give!
Share - Show your support on Facebook.  Take the pledge and share the message with others. We have!

Act - Find out what's going on to fight diabetes near you, click here and get involved!

Learn - Follow the Diabetes Blog for updates all month long.  They'll be sharing research updates, dieting and exercise information, and everything you need to know about fighting diabetes.

Give - Support the Diabetes Research Tool.  Purchase Gifts of Hope and have proceeds go to continued diabetes research.  See, everyone can get involved!

For more information, check out our 2009 and 2010 homage to fighting diabetes,  the ADA website, and Diabetes for Your Life.

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