Tuesday, November 1, 2011

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Top 5 Ways to Diversify Your Law Degree

These days, we might have to be creative in how we use our legal education.  The economy is in a state many of us have never experienced, and things in general are changing faster than ever.  So, if you are open to spicing up your law life, and making the most of today's career outlook, these tips might help you.  

There's more to law than just court (however important!)

1. Stick with what you like!
You may not be working 9-5 in the area you dreamed of, but you do not have to abandon it.  Embrace it!  If you find yourself to not be in the legal field you though you would be, stay connected to the area in other ways.  Take part in the area when you aren't doing your regular job; volunteer, make contacts in the area, take on pro bono projects, and stay up to date on what's going on....in case it does become your day job in the future.

Also, if you are not licensed to practice, this may open some other doors.  You can use your legal training to do non-licensed legal work.  Be careful in the projects you choose, but don't let a license define your "lawyer" status.  

2. Master what you do.
Ok, so you're doing something you may not have planned on, but you must still make the most of it.  Although you have to keep your interests close to you, it's important to gain as much expertise in what you are currently doing as possible.  Someone will treasure the experience, and you never know where the expertise will lead.  

Many don't realize the diversity a law degree brings.  It's not just training on laws and substance, but a particular way of thinking we can use pretty much anywhere.  Make the most of where you are, and use it to your advantage.

3. Share your interests.
Whether it's what your legal heart has always desired, or what you fell into, again--make the most of it.  You can keep up on the area by reading news and subscribing to blogs.  And, you can even share your perspective by writing your own pieces, or commenting on others.  Be social in the field.  Join social network groups with similar interests and share information.  When you talk law with others, everyone benefits.

4. Join groups and organizations.
This one lends itself to #3, but expands to the live aspect.  Joining bar associations, or groups centered around your general interest can keep you up on what's going on and allow you to build a network in your topic of choice.  As an example, for the fashion lawyers out there, joining IP-related bar organizations, or local fashion groups is a good way to make connections and get your name out.  You never know who will need your expertise and you'll enjoy the work at the same time!

5. Prioritize growth.
Many of these tips can be done from behind your computer, but limiting it to just those limits your growth as a lawyer.  Getting out there and meeting people is just as important as reading and writing.  Making growth a priority is the best way to get the most out of those years of law school, long nights, and compromised sleep.  Keeping professional growth as a priority makes you more marketable as an attorney, but also as a person.  Consistently make plans for growth, and reevaluate as much as you can.  As often as things change, you have to be ready to change, too!

We hope these tips were helpful to you.  Please feel free to share more.  And if you're not a lawyer, you might like these!

Happy lawyering!


  1. I think this is, without any doubt, the best advise I've read about law careers.
    I'm currently in my last year in law school, so I know that many people fears not to end working in the field they originally wanted and what to do in that case.
    So thank you for the tips!

  2. Great! So glad it was helpful. Please feel free to share with others.


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