Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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Top 5 Questions for a Fab Fashion Student ~

M: I have known MK (as she likes to be known) for about 5 years, and first met her when I was wandering the streets of Seoul. She is a good friend of mine and has taught me a lot about fashion, Korean culture and cooking. She was happy to talk about some of her experiences in the study of fashion design.  V & I posed some questions her way, and she was gracious enough to share.

 MK is a graduate of Bunka Fashion College and a native of Seoul. She currently lives in the New York City area and is currently attending Parson's, studying fashion design. She is passionate about fashion, animals, and music. 


B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Blog:What did you do prior to attending Parsons? ?What led you there?

I studied fashion design at Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, Japan for two years. I dreamed of being a fashion designer since I made Barbie clothes when I was 8 years old. It took me a long time to go but finally I was able to make it and I graduated.

BB:Describe your personal fashion/style.

MK  My style is mannish and avantgarde. I wear what I want to wear, and I don't follow others' examples. I      insist on my own style. Many people are curious about my style so they always ask me where I got my clothes or the brand name. I think I'm good at coordination.

BB: What is your most treasured experience as a fashion student?
MK: The most treasured experience I have as a fashion student is reaching to be a fashion designer, learning new things and getting new information. Also being able to showcase my potential ability in fashion design.

BB: What are your plans after graduation?
MK: I will work as a fashion designer, but before that I will get an internship. I will try work at a bridal brand or couture. Even though my style is totally different than those, I like creating beautiful gowns, such as evening dresses or wedding dresses.

BB: What advice would you give aspiring fashion students?
MK: If you decide to be in fashion, don't give up no matter what. It might be tough and stressful, but don't forget you that are reaching to your goal. You need to be strong and patient also enjoy it!

Thanks a zillion to MK for answering these questions and giving us an inside her fashion school experience!


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