Thursday, December 22, 2011

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Law

What Can Law School Do For You?

This may sound like a pub for UPS, especially during the holiday season, but it’s definitely just homage to the bittersweet trial we legal types call “law school”.  Law school has long been touted in many ways, from a professional school churning out elitists, to the pathway to a lifetime of public service.  Both are correct, and sometimes simultaneously.

Although a lot of potential applicants may shy away from the 3-4 year commitment (2 if you take on Northwestern’s new program) because of today’s economy, there are still a slew of advantages graduates come away with.  Here’s our take on the beloved profession, and yes, this is obviously biased-- yet factual.

Law school teaches you time management.  Whether you go full-time and have to balance 12-15 hours of classes, or part-time with a full-time job, you’ll learn all about juggling time and interests.  You’ll need to add in rest, family and friends, but usually at a safe enough minimum to actually keep them in your life, despite your school commitments.  After law school, your calendar/smartphone will be more than a necessity; it’ll be a given.

Law school teaches flexibility.  If not in school, definitely on the way out these days, you learn about being flexible.  You'll be picking classes you may or may not get into, choosing intern and externships, and being ok with where you fall v. where you swear you should be.  Law school preps you, or maybe even forces you—into the trait of flexibility.  If you think dealing with clients, in whatever way you may after school, won’t require flexibility, you’ve definitely missed something major.

A legal education gives you a new way of thinking.  Not only do you learn the law, but you learn how to process thoughts differently.  Being forced into page and word limits, and keeping only the most important, relevant issues at hand, law school will help you see the world in a unique perspective.  You’ll separate thoughts into necessary compartments, and explain yourself in a way appropriate for your audience….all because you made it through Legal Writing!

Law school gives you a specific education, with skills you can use anywhere!  The range of classes offered, and the training to be used anywhere are skills nearly unmatched when paired with one’s other experiences and education.  The diverse way of thinking and tough state licensure are not bad add-ons, either. This is truly something you can make work in any way you want!

Finally, patience, teamwork, and networking are all marketable skills you’ll take away as a Juris Doctor.  The patience of getting through the innate difficult times as a law student will be much-needed characteristics in practice—trust in this!  Teamwork and networking, despite the ever popular curved grading will also be natural traits upon graduation.  You’ll make amazing friends in law school, and study groups for the Bar are never a bad idea.  Taking advantage of the many seminars and socials offered to law students, (usually at no cost) are great ways to meet people in the field and connect with those who have been where you have to go.  And as always, we promote volunteering and giving your time.  You’ll do in it practice, and the advantages are endless for both sides. 

We hope this info is helpful to you—whether you’re considering law school, or just need a reminder as to why you’re there.  We’ve been, understand, and can promise rewards in the end.

All the best!

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