Tuesday, December 6, 2011

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Tops

Top 5 Ways to Give - Fashionably!

This week, we are highlighting 5 of our favorite fashionable sources for giving.  True, it's the holiday season, but really, we should be giving and thinking of others all year long.  No one can prosper alone, so in giving and doing for others, we can receive and progress ourselves.

Check out these fashionable organizations needing your help all year long, but maybe a little extra this season.

You know this is a fave.  They're helping women be ready and well-dressed when returning to the workforce.  This organization even offers special workshops and socials to keep the network of amazing women strong.

This group connects the fashion industry to the victims of natural disasters, not only reminding them people care, but deliverance from evil looks pretty good!

Every true fashionista has a wealth of shoes, and an undying love for the pedi-covers.  SYS takes gently used shoes and provides them to those in need....similar to the swapping girlfriends and sisters do!  You don't want to have to walk in the shoes of the less fortunate, so let them walk in yours!

This is an old favorite, and a tad more gender neutral.  Guys, we want you to give, too!  Goodwill has been a staple in the donation industry for many years, and they obviously rely heavily on donations--primarily in a tough economic market, and with frigid temperatures approaching.  Look for your local Goodwill, and share more than just the clothes you're replacing.  

No matter what age you are, looking good tends to make you feel good.  Locks of Love provides donated hair to children dealing with hair loss from various medical conditions, giving them the chance to feel rejuvenated by natural-feeling locks.  As healing begins on the inside, it can show on the outside.

Remember giving is appreciated in more than just monetary ways.

Happy Holidays!

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