Tuesday, December 20, 2011

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Top 9 Things to Look forward to this NBA Season

Here, as promised, is the follow up to my post from yesterday about the NBA after the break

However things shake out with trades and wherever Chris Paul does or does not play (which is now the Clippers), we are still looking forward to the NBA's Christmas start date for a number of reasons. To name some: 

"You just got Dirked*"
1. Will the Mavs repeat and cement Dirk in the annals of NBA lore as the best European player ever (if he isn't already there)? 

2. How many posterizations will Derrick Rose shower on opponents this season, and will the Bulls be able to get it together?

3. Will President Obama abuse his psychic powers again and cause poor Rondo to go into another shooting slump?

4. How sloppy will this 66 season be, and if it happens to work better than expected, could we possibly see a shortened NBA season in the future?

5. Now that we know the Howard trade is not likely to go through, what teams will be willing to make big moves this year?

6. Who will fill the Yao-sized gap at center? Marc Gasol? Nene? Darko**??

7.Should I now get NBA 2k12, and will there be a 66 game option? Better yet, will there be an "I'm an owner, let's screw the players" mode added?

Looks like the honey badger got to MJ's jeans...
that, or he takes his fashion cues from it
and"don't a give shit"
8. How horrible will Michael Jordan's wardrobe get? And will he be on the sidelines at every Bobcats game distracting us with his garish fashion sense? 

9. Will we get to see an inconsolable Chris Bosh again? Seriously, it was somewhat captivating to see a giant man like that sob like a baby...not to be mean or anything. 

Obviously, there are many more things to look forward to this NBA season, and we would love to hear about some of the things you are looking forward to. 

*a "dirk" is also a small sword, so this works on many levels
**not likely

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