Tuesday, December 27, 2011

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Tops

Top 11 Fashion Law Stories of 2011

Our final Tuesday Tops of the year had to be amazing.  It's been an amazing year!  Fashion and law are the 2 main reasons this blog is on the web.  As an attorney with a love for law and passion for fashion, it was exciting to find others share the same interest.  Fashion law is fairly new on the scene, but so much has happened in the industry this year.

Here's the review:

Our fearless leader in fashion law, Susan Scafidi, is not only the author of Counterfeit Chic, but also the brains and fashionable attorney behind the Fashion Law Institute at Fordham Law School.  For years, so many of us just wanted a class on fashion in law school, but this is totally next level!  The Institute not only offers a clinic and help to the fashion district--where it's located in NYC-- but also seminars for practicing attorneys living and loving the field.  

We are so proud of this accomplishment, appreciate our trendsetter, and look forward to growth of fashion law across the globe!

2. Federal legislation made moves toward the protection of fashion designs
This year, legislation for fashion designs reached its farthest mark yet, getting a hearing in a U.S. House Judiciary Subcommittee.  H.R. 2511, or the IDPPPA (Innovative Design Protection and Piracy Prevention Act) would give legal protection to particular fashion designs, with the aim of slowing counterfeiting and infringement in the fashion industry--something some say the industry is almost built upon.  We will be watching the next steps on this bill, as the push for protection continues.  

3. Fame Appeal entered the design industry
One of our favorite fashion law blogs has branched out into design.  The amazing lawyer behind Fame Appeal started a scarf line, and as a fellow legal fashionista, we were quick to place our order.  Order yours now!  Thanks to Fame Appeal for paving the way for lawyers with the passion for their own collection. Trailblazing!

 Usually it's the other way around.  Many major fashion designers have had to file suit against the fast fashion giant for taking their high priced designs and turning them into affordable copies.  This time, XXI filed a claim against a blogger who made fun of the company for their business practices.  Forever 21 didn't find the site's parody funny in any regard--and sued.  Well!

Everyone, fashionista or not, knows the bright red soled shoes are creations of Mr. Christian Louboutin.  However, YSL felt the trademark look was open for use, especially after they featured it on a shoe of their own in the 1970s.  They later found themselves in a legal battle.  We are still waiting for a final ruling on this one, but color-conquering brand Tiffany's has stepped in to help out.  B.A.F.F.L.E.D. fave Staci Riordan weighed in as well.

This is a recent story, popping late last week.  Clearly the producers figured the fakes might go unnoticed.  Hangover 2 might be headed to video, but they weren't gonna get away with this one for too long!  It's actually their second intellectual property lawsuit surrounding the comedy...remember the Mike Tyson-esqe tattoo?

Not only is fashion law an emerging niche in America, but north of the border, too...just ask Canadian fashion lawyer Ashlee Froese of Brand Fashion Law.  Our fashion friend from the Fashion Cloture blog also kept us up to date on all things happening on Capitol Hill--impacting local and global fashion-related markets. 

8. The Kardashian Sisters start their own fashion line..and get sued for copying
Not too long after starting a fashion line for Sears, Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe were sued for infringing designs.  Just being in so many areas of the entertainment business, we know this case won't slow them down, but it's definitely one for us to watch.  
9.  Harper's Bazaar launched a Never Fakes Campaign
In the charge to keep copies out of the market, the fab magazine presented the FANIF campaign: Fakes Are Never In Fashion.  We know that's the truth!!  From their home site to Twitter, the FANIF message spread like wildfire in 2011. 

10. Careers in Fashion Law became reality
As mentioned earlier, the Institute at Fordham has a host of educational opportunities for those with the emerging passion for fashion and love for law.  Now, there's even forums for people seeking to make the niche part of their career, and fashion law colleague Charles Colman was there to speak about it.  See....we're growing!!

11. Fashion Law Blogs took over the internet and Twitter!
The blogging lawyers behind these sites are not only super smart, but use their legal knowledge and fashion savvy to keep the masses informed on all things legally fashionable.  Check them out, follow them on Twitter, and love them like we do! #Fashionlaw!

If you're still unsure about this whole "Fashion Law Movement" thing...here's 5 reasons to let you know--it's real!

For more, stay tuned to our Fashion Law Files.


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