Tuesday, January 31, 2012

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Tops

Top 5 Happenings in Men's Fashion-

Gentlemen, this one is just for you!  A lot of the fashion talk around here can appear to be catered towards the ladies, but make no mistake, we are all about the right fashion for guys, too!

Here's some of the current happenings on the men's fashion front!

1. London is Getting a Men's Fashion Week
The British Fashion Council announced the first ever London Men's Fashion Week will launch on June 17th.  Although it will only run for the weekend, this is a great start for the English fashion industry.  Can't wait to see how this unfolds!

2. Classic Coats are back
Often, guys show their swag by leaving their coats behind.  Well, coats are in these days, gents.  The classic overcoat is back, replacing the puffy coats of the last few seasons.  Recent shows in Paris and Milan introduced swanky styles to suit any gent's liking, and despite the mild winter were having, you can still hit these cool temps in style.

3. Fedora Fetish
Ok, maybe we're alone on this one, but there's something really sexy about a guy rocking a fedora.  Not just anytime with anything, but perfectly placed with the right outfit, and you're bound to make heads turn.  Take the fashion risk, guys.  It's worth it!

4.  The Men's Luxury Scene is Emerging
At one time, you only saw the women's side of brands like Louis Vuitton, Bergdorf, and Louboutin-- to name a few.  But not now!  These brands and more are not only having runway shows for the gents, but hiring men as creative designers and honing in on the influence of their male market.  Louboutin even recently opened a men's store in Paris.  

5. The Ladies Are Into It, Too!
Usually ladies are seen as styling themselves or other ladies, but on the professional styling scene as well as day to day shopping, women are getting more interested in men's fashion, too!  Some are styling their "boo thang", others are suggesting looks to the guys at work, but men's fashion is definitely keeping everyone interested.

See guys, we're paying attention.  Keep us watching!

Monday, January 30, 2012

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Law

SOPA is on Ice....But What About These?!

Last week, the federal legislature put the Stop Online Piracy Act to the side, after a windstorm of internet protests.  However, there's more to this push for regulation of rogue websites.  

We totally agree with regulating sites promoting counterfeit goods, infringing on brands, and encouraging fakes.  You know Fakes Are Never In Fashion!  But this cause impacts more than just fashion-- medicine and other goods are being compromised as well.  Let's take a look at other legislation we should be paying attention to:

The Anti-Counterfeit Trade Agreement (ACTA) came up just behind the uproar over SOPA and PIPA.  This one is the backup bill to SOPA, supported by the movie and music industries, to help protect their intellectual properties.  ACTA has been in the works for years, and is picking up steam with Poland, the EU, and Ireland agreeing to sign on.  U.S. Trade Representative describes the bill as an initiative to strengthen the international legal framework for combating global proliferation of commercial-scale counterfeiting and piracy.  

Mixing counterfeiting and piracy is bringing, and keeping up some confusion as the details of the legislation are ironed out.  Counterfeiting is the selling of knockoff goods, posing as known designer brands.  Piracy is the unauthorized selling of real goods, like music and movies through unregulated sources.  Having both in the deal is not bad--clear language is the sticking point in not conflicting the 2.

What about the National Defense Authorization Act?
This legislation, recently signed into law, authorizes the military to execute anti-terrorism operations on U.S. soil.  Despite reservations on certain provisions, President Obama supported the bill because of the substantial interest government has in public safety--as provided by the Constitution.  He does promise broad discretion in the legal requirements to ensure protection of American citizens.  

The new law allows for vigilance over terrorist behavior, including social media.  It carefully watches what goes on on U.S. websites, and their interactions overseas.  NDAA not only watches internet activity, but suspicious behavior in general.  Proponents say the detainment provisions simply codify the procedures already used in placing suspects in Guantanamo Bay, etc. 

The harsh reality here is something inevitable in all lawmaking, not just NDAA or other possibly over inclusive rules: Many laws are made because of small numbers of the population and the harm they do, which in turn affects us all.  A few people do it, now we need legislation to make sure everyone doesn't start and to protect those susceptible to is.

No one said their job was easy; legislators are doing the best they can.  Surely the response to this one isn't over.  Stay tuned...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Loves Chicago

Chinatown! - Happy Chinese New Year~

The New Year is one of the most important holidays in Chinese culture.  Known as "Winter Fiesta" in China, the celebration goes far beyond the borders of the home nation.

Following the official New Year's Day festivities-- January 23 this year--the City of Chicago has plenty to offer in events, and of course cuisine.  Check out these events and locales as you partake in the celebration.

2012 Lunar New Year Parade
Sunday, January 29, 2012

The 2012 Lunar New Year Parade celebrating the Year of the DRAGON 4710 will include marching bands, floats, lions teams, a mystical dragon, and Miss Friendship Ambassador. Join and welcome the New Year as we convey GUNG HEI FAT CHOI to all in attendance!

The parade begins in Chinatown at 1pm!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012
This event includes a special Community Awards presentation to individuals and businesses whom have demonstrated exceptional leadership and contributions to Chicago's Chinatown community. To register online, click here.

This World-Class City also has plenty of places of interest to celebrate the Chinese New Year, and enjoy the culture all year long!

Into astrology?  See the 12 statues for every sign of the zodiac....Remember, these signs are based on the year you were born, not the month--check them out!

This amazing piece of architecture is typical of the City of Chicago as well as the Chinese culture.  You can't go to Chinatown without stopping by the centerpiece of the neighborhood.

A tribute to those who served in the armed forces, this 7 year old memorial was long overdue.  

Being the only museum in the midwest dedicated to Chinese culture, this is a must-visit.  Learn about Chinese history from the 1800s through today, and take in the spectacular gallery space.

Gotta eat!
Tony Gormet Group
Cuisine by the famous and Chicago-loved Tony Hu.  Check out any of his amazing restaurants--there's 5!

232 W. Cermak Rd.

Emperor's Choice Restaurant
2238 S. Wentworth Ave.

Double Li Chinese Restaurant
228 W. Cermak Rd.

2147A S. China Place

Great Wall Restaurant

2127A S. China Place

Won Kow Restaurant

2237 S. Wentworth Ave.

Mandarin Kitchen

2143 W. Archer Ave.

Seven Treasures Restaurant

2312 S. Wentworth Ave.

Here's more!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Tops

Top 5 Things Going on in IP & Fashion Law

We love intellectual property and fashion law around these parts, and there's been no shortage of news over the last week or so.  

Check out what's going on:

1. SOPA and PROTECT IP are on ice
Originally set to be voted on today, these federal anti-piracy bills were stalled last Friday, after a wide web of protest the day before.  Sites across the internet were either taken down, or blocked out important parts of their page to take a stance against the legislative package gone awry.

The bills started off protecting against the sale and promotion of counterfeit goods.  This was positive since Fakes are Never in Fashion! It turned into an infringement of the 1st Amendment, over-policing online material.  Clearly the protests of major players like Wikipedia and Google, the federal legislature slowed its roll.
"I have heard from the critics and I take seriously their concerns regarding proposed legislation to address the problem of online piracy. It is clear that we need to revisit the approach on how best to address the problem of foreign thieves that steal and sell American inventions and products," Congressman Lamar Smith said.

2. The Battle at Red Sole Continues
Fab shoe fave, Christian Louboutin is still in the fight to protect their trademark red sole against Yves Saint Laurent.  Oral arguments will begin today in what will be a fundamental case in fashion law and trademarking for the industry.

If you're in the area, it'd definitely be worth going to watch!
United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit
Daniel Patrick Moynihan U.S. Courthouse
500 Pearl Street, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10007

3. Your Style Can Land You in Court
After filing a lawsuit claiming use of her likeness, Kim Kardashian is still battling Old Navy as parent company, The Gap, has filed their response.  Attorneys are bringing up such matters as Kim's endorsements, lost endorsements, and even her ex-boyfriend dating the look-alike after she appeared in Old Navy commercials.  Was Reggie confused, too?

Reputation is a major factor and point of contention for public figures.  It is equivalent to the technical skills many use in their 9-5s, so protecting the brand of your likeness is extremely important.  We will be following this case to see how the ever-popular Kardashian camp comes out.

4. Louis Vuitton Battles Flea Market
Louis filed suit against Eisenhauer Market in San Antonio for contributing to counterfeiting.  The fashion icon alleges the flea market allowed sales of fakes by their vendors, clearly promoting the infringement of the popular, swanky brand.  LV says it's enabling; Eisenhauer says they can't babysit every vendor.

Trial began yesterday, so we'll be watching to see what happens here, too.  Surely we have a hunch... 

5. Levis Sues Wet Seal Over Jeans
Fast fashion retailer, Wet Seal has been hit with a trademark infringement lawsuit.  Levis are not only the trailblazer for denim, but also world famous for the M-shaped stitching used on the back of their jeans.  Wet Seal thought they could a pull a fast one, but the vigilant Levis is not having it.  

Wet Seal better make a last stitch effort to get out of this one!

We will be watching these cases, and keeping you up on all things fashion law!  Stay Tuned.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Events

Real Law for Creative Entrepreneurs!

Lifestyle Zen is helping you put your creativity into practice.  Check out this great event and sign up!  Spaces are limited and filling up fast!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Tops

Top 5 Shoe Sites to Follow~

Fantastic fashion is always topped off by great shoes.  Just as we highlighted our favorite accessory brands, we must share some shoe faves as well.

"Shoes are the fashionmark of every true fashionista" - V., J.D.

Check out these sites to feed your shoe fetish!

This site is the web domain for an upcoming documentary on the love so many have for shoes.  There's clips from movie and shoes galore!
God Save My Shoes is the first documentary film to explore the intimate relationship between women and shoes, questioning why shoes are the most seductive and addictive item in a woman’s closet and how shoes have become a totem object outshining all other fashion accessories.

RWH hit the internet in December of 2007. The ultimate guide to all things fashion-forward in the shoe world, it was the brain child of Angela Kay and Morgan Williams, two self-professed shoe-lovers. Since then, RunningWithHeels.com has become the go-to spot for accessory lovers. As a part of the NY fashion scene its team of editors, writers and photographers travel the world to find the very best the industry has on offer.

A site especially for the petite fashionista and the lady with little feet!  Here, you can vote on shoe styles made for petite feet, share insights on design, and purchase shoes based on your feedback.  So often petite women feel left out of the fashion scene, but this site offers a niche all its own!

A shoe fanatic hailing from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign...clearly she was a no-brainer in our book!  Ms. Luvvie shares her addiction to shoes like no other, posting pics, links, and all the indulgence you need to make your bank account just a little more scared.  

We couldn't blog about fabulous shoes without spotlighting a shoe giver!  We love giving shoes here at B.A.F.F.L.E.D., and are excited to share the passion with Shoe Craze.  Shoe Craze, Inc. believes in “Shoeing It Forward”. For every 10 purchases, Shoe Craze, Inc. will donate a portion of all proceeds to women and children shelters in the USA. In addition, Shoe Craze, Inc. is an official sponsor of the Pink Wish Foundation, Inc.’s National Pink Pump Day.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Honors

MLK & AKA: An Endless Commitment to Service

83 years ago today, our world was blessed with one of the most amazing men we'd ever encounter.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born and changed the world forever.  King made endless sacrifices, taught all who would listen, and effected change in the greatest ways.  He organized communities in every city he lived-- Birmingham, Memphis, Chicago, and more-- while setting an example for all those watching. The King changed the struggles of America, and showed us what true love, dreams, determination, and strength are about.

Today we honor Dr. King.  We not only admire his work, but his dream of love and service to one another.  Reach out to someone today, and keep the dream alive.  Share yourself, your talents, and strive to make a difference in the world around you.  Not just today, but everyday.  He did.

"Everybody can be great, because everyone can serve." - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Today we also honor the women of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.  As a proud member of this premier organization, I am excited to honor the sisterhood which means so much to me.  Ms. Ethel Hedgeman Lyle at Howard University in 1908, and 19 other leading women, started what has become more than a young girl's dream, but a fixture in our communities.  AKA has personified sisterhood, service, education, and leadership-- day after day for 104 years.

This organization set the tone for later sororities to come, and continues to be a beacon in communities across the globe.  We thank the 20 Pearls (founders) for their example, and do our best to continue living the purpose.

Skee-Wee Sorors.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Events

Fashion Delivers Sponsors, The Pre Show!

On Friday, January 27th, Fashion Delivers will be hosting a fashion-themed charity event in NYC, with the likes of  Man v. Machine, Shumaq, Karolina Zmarlak, and more!

The show will be followed by a cocktail party and luxury silent auction.  Merchandise will be donated by high fashion designers like Theyskens Theory, Milly, Coach, David Yurman and more!

Get your tickets now!!

The mission of Fashion Deliver Charitable Foundation, Inc. is to mobilize the fashion community to reach out and affect the world through their donations of new products from the men’s, women’s and home industries. Our donations provide relief and dignity to survivors of natural disasters and others in need. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Tops

10 Ways for Lawyers to Find Their "Inner Steve Jobs"

Clearly we can't claim this Tops as our own, especially to those of you who follow the ABA periodicals.  We found this list to be interesting, not only for lawyers, but professionals in many fields.  The highlights were worth sharing.  We all know the critical place Steve Jobs has in technological history, and American history in general.

Here's to an American hero and true testament to hard work.

1) Innovation is possible. Jobs’ compelling strength was his insistence on the possibility of innovation, whether it was stronger glass for the face of the iPhone, a touchscreen that delayed the project for six months, or licensing music from the record companies for iTunes even after they had stonewalled other digital services—all situations where “everybody knew” what he wanted was impossible. When presented with an idea outside their experience, lawyers all-too-often say “this is impossible,” which shuts down the discussion and is often wrong. A general counsel recently described her legal team's reaction to an idea about streamlining their work. The team complained the effort is "too big," "too hard," and, finally pleaded, "just let us do our jobs.”

2) Innovation is not a theory. It takes execution. Most of the compelling innovation Jobs brought to market took longer than expected and encountered multiple setbacks along the way.  Anything innovative requires persistence, experimentation, course correction, and yes, tolerance for failure. Innovation requires character on the part of the innovator and leadership on the part of the organization to support that persistence. 

3) Great profits follow great products and services. Although Apple is now the most valuable company in the world,  Jobs said he always focused on the products, and assumed the revenues and profits would follow. 

4) A unified vision is better than a committee. Jobs’ other great strength was his willingness to drive his vision and insist that everyone around him adhere to it. He was occasionally wrong, and frequently obnoxious, but a remarkable percentage of the time he was right. He didn’t seek permission from others, hire consultants or try to drive consensus, so his decision-making was usually quick and generally had accountability.  A unified vision also allowed Jobs to manage risk effectively because he understood what was at stake and how to improve his chances. So when he said choosing touchscreen technology over the stylus was “bet the company,” it wasn’t a euphemism to mean he was insensitive to cost, it was an accurate description of the consequences of his choice and a call to arms for his team to deliver.

5) It pays to be fully invested in your job. One thing you couldn’t question about Steve Jobs was his commitment to his company and his role. He was “all-in.” That level of commitment had lots of downside for Apple employees and his family, but overall made him much more effective at his job and allowed him to fully realize his potential. Many lawyers, particularly some young lawyers, view their job as a way station to something else. It shows, and limits what they or their clients will ever get out of the experience.

6) The point of corporate governance is to drive stockholder value; it’s not an end in itself. There is no doubt that Jobs’ behavior around the option dating when he brought new executives into Apple in 1997 after the NeXT acquisition was problematic. He generally didn’t want a board that would challenge him. (Although he did apparently use the board in the most useful way—to kick around ideas and strategies that he was considering.) Yet despite what folks claim, there’s little evidence that more corporate governance means better run companies, and the most successful companies of the last decade—Apple and Google—don’t follow many corporate governance norms. Given a choice between an activist board and a successful stock, it’s pretty clear what investors will choose.

7) Simplicity is better. There’s a great story I remember from the time about the negotiations between NeXT and IBM about IBM’s licensing NeXT’s operating system (a redolent situation for Jobs because of the history between Microsoft, IBM and Apple). After NeXT received a 100-plus-page contract from IBM, Jobs slammed it on the table and said: “Come back with a two-to-three-page contract … you don’t get it.”  Jobs was always trying to simplify products by reducing features, simplify the company by eliminating products, and simplify the user’s experience. 

8) The boundary between disciplines is where the richness is. Although Jobs had no training as an engineer; his ability to operate at the boundary of the humanities and technology was his great strength. Lawyers have traditionally operated at the boundary of law and clients’ areas of interest; the best ones don’t refer to “widgets,” but develop a deep understanding about a client's world that allows them to operate in that cross-disciplinary space.

9) It’s hard to get organizations or people to work together. Jobs eschewed organizational or functional divisions. That means he kept a lot of power in his hands, and could certainly be imperious. But it also meant he circumvented the widely chronicled “innovator's dilemma” that hamstrings most large organizations and prevents them from effectively using their scale or responding to change. Sony, once among Jobs’ most admired companies, bought CBS Records so they could link consumer devices and music, but Apple did a better job getting music in their system than Sony did. When Jobs was sick with cancer, he had to summon all the different specialists from Stanford to his house to insist on a coordinated course of treatment because they were each optimizing for their discrete part of the problem, but none were looking at the patient as a whole. 

10) “Don’t be trapped by dogma.” This was Jobs' credo, as presented in his now iconic 2005 Stanford Commencement address. As he put it in an interview, “once you realize that everything around you is just stuff that got set up by people who are no smarter than you are, it’s very liberating.”

Thanks Steve.  We're better because of you.  R.I.P.

Monday, January 9, 2012

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Fashion Fix

Rings and Things!

As a legal fashionista, there's nothing like a fabulous cocktail ring to send your business suit or work attire to the next level.  Truth be told, I cannot leave the house without a big ring of some sort, and it's become sort of a V., J.D. fashionmark....yep, "FashionmarkTM!"

So today, we want to share one of our ring faves with you --PNK Elephant.  Although they are only physically located in Philly, with another small shop in Brooklyn, you can shop to your heart's content online!

Take a look at some of these fancy rings, and click on over to PNK Elephant!

Link Stretch Ring

Color Stone Ring - Purple

Stretch Pyramid Ring - Pewter 

Rock and Pearl

For other PNK Elephant rings and more, click here!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Legal Battles

Is this your Twitter account?!

If your Twitter account is yours--personally, then the answer to this question is obvious.  But, if you're tweeting as part of your job, for a corporation or organization, the answer is not quite so simple.  

As Twitter has become more popular, surely companies are having their social media employees sign documents stating the accounts belong to the company.  You work there, and you're just tweeting on their behalf, not as yourself.  However, this is a fairly new practice, as the advancement of the internet and social media is calling for rapid changes to business practices.  Not too long ago, and probably even still, employees may have been tweeting for their company, but under their own control and command.  This has created a major issue, and even spurred legal action.  Who owns the tweets and account when the unbound tweeter leaves?  The company?  The tweeter?

Recently, PhoneDog, a technology website sued former employee Noah Kravitz.  The site claims Kravitz took the Twitter account with him, which contained both their names - @PhoneDog_Noah.  Noah tweeted on behalf of the company, but the account was tied to his personal email.  In the lawsuit, PhoneDog said, "The costs and resources invested by PhoneDog Media into growing its followers, fans and general brand awareness through social media are substantial and are considered property of PhoneDog Media L.L.C. We intent to aggressively protect out customer lists and confidential information, intellectual property, trademark and brands."  They are seeking damages of $340,000 -- $2.20 a month for every follower for the 8 months Kravitz continued using the PhoneDog-tied handle.  He left, so did the account, and so did the followers; 17,000 of them.

But who truly "owns the followers"?  Kravtiz for gaining them through his tweets?  Or PhoneDog, because their name was behind it?

Kravitz said when he left the company, they agreed he could keep the Twitter handle, as long as he tweeted about PhoneDog from time to time.  This may not have been the best decision on either part, especially without something in writing.  He now writes for a new tech site, so this presents even more of an issue in PhoneDog's eyes.  Since the lawsuit, Kravitz has changed his Twitter name-- @noahkravitz--a big help in stopping the confusion.  As the case goes on, some of the things which will be made clear include intellectual property ownership, social media account handling, and best practices for keeping personal and professional social networking separate.  

Surely we'll be watching this one for updates.  It'll set quite a precedent and be a sign of the times.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Tops

Top 5 Books To Read in 2012

Everyone is so excited about the new year, so here's some reading to add to your list.  Some short, some a bit longer, but all of added value!


This book is exactly what it says--essential and little.  It's filled with short tidbits on lawyering and is just as good for those practicing law as it is for those thinking about law school.

A long-awaited selection, this book puts together the many principles of Fashion Law we've discussed here and share with some of our Fashion Law Family.  Fashion Lawyer Charles Colman is also featured in a chapter.  Grab this one!

Not only is this a super cute book on the outside, but it has all the necessaries for women to learn on the inside.  With tips including how to order wine, fix things with limited tools, and dress for certain occasions, there's no way any woman should not have this book!

4. Devil in the White City, By Eric Larson
If you love Chicago like we do, this one is a must!  It's a tale of the City's emergence as a World Class locale-- discussing the preparation to host the World's Fair, build structures fundamental to the metropolis today, and doubles as a mystery.  Never a dull page.

5. Breach of Trust, by David Ellis
A little bit of politics, a little bit of law...and a whole lot of page-turning.  This book gives an inside perspective on the world of politics and even journeys through a corruption case.  The author is one of our faves, and Breach of Trust did not disappoint!

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Sports

NBA Free Agency Popcorn Watcher By: Tonisha Hood,  BMMO Consulting NBA free agency started with a few bangs.  First, everyone was am...